Milton Bradley Threatened To Kill His Wife: Needs to Sit In Prison

Details surrounding the arrest of Milton Bradley are starting to circulate…and not surprisingly..aren’t pretty. TMZ is reporting, Milton Bradley threatened to shoot his wife, and went as far as picking up a picture of the gun and showing her.

Mrs. Bradley has filed for divorce, filed a retraining order and is terrified for her well being- who can blame her?

“In the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Monique claims Bradley has been “emotionally and physically abusive” throughout their marriage … but she would often take him back because “I genuinely believed that one day I could fix him.”

Now, Monique says the September incident was the last straw … claiming, “I am very fearful that he will … try to harm or even kill me.”

Monique claims Milton also threatened to kill her during an argument back in January … when she took their two young sons to live in a hotel after another screaming match.

According to the docs, Milton tracked down Monique and told her, “This is not a game. Bring back my children or I’ll f**king kill you.” Monique says he even made a throat-slashing gesture with his hand. ”

This is another scary situation regarding a violent human being. Milton Bradley has had a seires of run ins on and off the field during his playing career, and now? It’s escalating. Threatening to murder your wife, the mother of your children is not tolerated anymore, and frankly? I believe the details 100%. This is a man who has no self control and serious anger issues and eventually? He’s going to blow. He needs to be jailed immediately under the fullest extent of the law because Bradley is becoming more and more unstable- and lives will eventually become lost if something isn’t done.