Video: Jay Cutler Has a Message For Mike Martz

By Riley Schmitt

(Clip may not be safe for work)

The Chicago Bears were able to steamroll the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night.  Quarterback Jay Cutler has been on a roll over the last two weeks and might be playing his best football since he’s been in Chicago.  However, I don’t think he gets along with offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

The message is at the end of the clip and it is kind of unclear.  However, Cutler’s emotions seem to agree with what the probable message was.  Martz’s play calling has been under fire all season and Cutler has been getting destroyed behind the Bears’ offensive line.   The run-pass balance doesn’t exist and Cutler is obviously frustrated.  Will anything come out of this message?  Probably not, but it doesn’t look like a ringing endorsement for Martz.

Thanks to CBS Chicago for the story.

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