What If Jeff George Actually Was Signed?

Just a few weeks ago we all heard Jeff George talking about being to come back and lead the Indianapolis Colts’ offense, and it sparked a lot of discussion. Fans were speculating that he should come out of retirement to play for the Dolphins, Raiders, Jaguars, and many more teams. I always have laughed at the temper tantrums he used to throw, and how he used to basically pout about things that went against him. So let’s take a look at the time table that would have been in effect from the moment he signed an NFL contract.

1. Signing the Deal

There would be a hushed silence all over the room as the aged QB struggled to pick up the pen and sign his new one-year deal. As he started to write you would hear a sob, and look up to see him throw the pen across the room and say, “It’s out of ink!”

2. Trying to Survive the First Day of Practice

I’m not even sure how would he would make it. Playing with an extra layer of pads and a couple different protective jackets under his jersey, he would take the field for the first time in ten years. On his first throw he would make it about half the distance the receiver, and blame it on “being rusty.” Practice finally ends, and he’s in one piece, so now it’s time to head into his first game.

I'm Back!

3. The Game

He makes it through the first quarter, and actually completes two passes! What we failed to mention was that he attempted 12. During the first series of the second quarter, George gets hammered by a defensive end and is taken down for a sack. Surprisingly he’s able to get to his feet, and hobble back to the huddle.

4. The End of the Comeback

First play out of the half, George drops back to pass, throws across the middle, and completes a pass for 5 yards. Everything is going great during this comeback, except for the fact that Jeff George is laying on the ground in the backfield, somehow holding his back, shoulder, head, chest, hamstring, ankle, and knee at the same time.

That’s how the comeback of Jeff George would have gone. Hope you enjoyed the read.

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