Video: Great White Shark Bites 23 Inches Off Board of Oregon Surfer

Surfing is arguably one of the most intense and dangerous sports out there not just because of the type of shape you need to be in–but because of the numerous stories about surfers surviving shark attacks. As for one surfer from Oregon, he should consider himself lucky after being attacked by a great white shark.

According to Pete Thomas of, Bobby Gumm was out surfing with some friends in northern Oregon on Thursday when a 16-foot shark took a bite out of his surfboard (23 inches in fact). Apparently, Gumm felt the shark touch the side of his leg before taking the chunk from the front of the board–which actually lifted Gumm and his board above the water.

Here’s how Gumm’s friend, Ron Clifford described the incident courtesy of the video above:

“I saw the water churning up like there was a bunch of piranhas. All of a sudden I saw a dorsal fin that was at least two foot in length high and as I saw it I saw the shark actually lift my friend up with the board and everything, it looked like an old geyser or something just lifted him out of the water about 10 feet.”

Luckily, nobody was seriously injured during this incident–but it’s still terrifying to think about. Thanks to for the video of Gumm above.