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High School Coaches and Players Suspended After Pool Noodle Attack

What happens when a football team gathers at a coaches house for a party? Pool Noodle attacks- that’s what. Unfortunately for this group of players and coaches- pool noodles are deemed dangerous by the school, and the consequences were severe.

WALLED LAKE, Mich. via GuyismA Walled Lake Western High School football coach told Local 4 that at least three players have been suspended after reports that they were involved in a hazing of another player. Students at the high school said they were shocked to hear the news about a team they considered close-knit. Details of the hazing are unknown, but students seem to be hearing a similar story. “I just heard somebody got tied up on a pole or a tree, or something like that,” said Kyle Shreve, a junior at Western. Junior Khadijah Williams said she couldn’t understand why this would happen on the football team. “I just don’t understand, because all the football players in the school have fun together,” Williams said. “That’s what I thought. … I don’t know why somebody would put somebody on a flagpole. I think that’s just mean.” Tweets from Western football players referred to the supposed hazing. One tweet read, “LMAO @(name withheld) got his **** wrecked at team dinner.” Another read, “Props to @(name withheld) for being a man.”

Yes ladies and gentleman. That was a pool noodle. We all know that the big foam pool toy used by many children can hurt when whacked. What a dangerous act. How dare players have some fun with foam noodles! What were they thinking? Well….at least they weren’t throwing beach balls at each other.

If this is now considered hazing…I’m never going to talk about our athletic hazing events for college baseball. I’ll probably end up in a prison cell or something.

Absolutely pathetic.

watch the video