Philadelphia Flyers Fans Fight in City Hall Station After 9-8 Loss (video)!

Nothing like a good fan brawl to start off the morning.  This brawl comes to us courtesy of Philadelphia as the Flyers ended up on the wrong end of 9-8 score.  This led to some very angry Flyers fans.  The brawl started when the red-headed guy’s girlfriend kicked somebody on the subway.  This did not sit well with the black guy in this video and he decided he would lecture the redhead about keeping his girl in line.  That’s when the fun started.

I guess it would be hard to call this a fight since it was so one-sided.  To be fair, it looked the white guy was drunk.  Still, the black guy basically manhandled him.  If you get shoved around a subway and into a trash can, you are messing with the wrong guy.  In fact, the black guy was calm the entire time.  He just defended himself.  Nothing wrong with that.

Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the story.