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Jets Quarterback Mark Brunell In Bankruptcy Court After Losing 50 Million Dollars

I find stories about athletes going broke to be sad, but unexpected.  A lot of the times, these athletes aren’t prepared to handle the sudden fame and fortune that they come in to.  A lot of money ends up going into poor business ventures or handouts to supposed “friends”.  Jets backup quarterback Mark Brunell is no exception.  The 18 year veteran finds himself in bankruptcy court, even though he has made over 50 million dollars in his career.

Action News in Jacksonville has all of the gristly details.  Brunell invested in nine businesses during his career, but only four of those are still in operation.  Brunell is also on the receiving end of six separate lawsuits.  There are almost 25 million dollars in claims against the former Pro Bowler.

However, Brunell is handling this with class.  He plans on retiring this year and returning to Ponte Verda to work as a medical sales representative in order to help pay his bills.

A lot of people give athletes flak for losing their money.  Some may even say they deserve it for the reckless ways that spend.  The thing is, it’s not that hard to end up on the losing side of a business venture.  A lot of businesses barely make it past one or two years, which doesn’t bode well for recovering an investment.

Brunell is one of the most respected veterans in the NFL and a quarterback whose play I have always appreciated.  I hope he is able to get back on his feet and settle with the people claiming money.  It just goes to show you that anyone can be struck by money troubles in today’s day and age.