Lakers Forward Joe Smith Debates NBA Lockout With Jack-’O-Lantern (video)

Today was supposed to mark the start of the NBA season.  Unfortunately, that is not the case due to the ongoing lockout.  With both the players and owners unable to come to an agreement, the lockout looks to last a bit longer.  Some players have found interesting ways to cope.  Kevin Durant plays intramural flag football while Lakers forward Joe Smith argues with a pumpkin.

The video is a promo for Video Hot Mix TV and it’s one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen.  It’s hilarious and shows a side of an NBA player that we may not normally get to see.  Then again, I’d rather be watching basketball players play basketball.  As much entertainment value as there is in arguing with a vegetable, it’s not quite the same as the NBA.

Thanks to NBC Sports for the video.