Northern Illinois Linebacker Jamaal Bass Suspended For Knocking Over Toledo Band Member

Last night’s game between Northern Illinois and Toledo was an offensive shootout.  NIU came out on top 63-60 in a game that didn’t need any overtime.  Defense was optional and tackling wasn’t the game’s strong suit.  Unfortunately for Jamall Bass, he’s suspended for the best tackle that he made.

Tackling opposing band members is not a wise move.  NIU just happened to come onto the field at the same time the Toledo band was leaving.  Bass threw his shoulder into one of the band members and he took a tumble.  NIU coach Dave Doeren wasted no time in imposing a one game suspension on the freshman Bass.

This should serve as a lesson for players everywhere.  Although it may be the easiest tackle of your life, leave the trombone players out of it.

Thanks to Yahoo Sports for the story and the photo.

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  • Gary

    Maybe I’m looking at this incorrectly but he looks like he jumped to his right to avoid a band member and hit another on accident.

    • Riley Schmitt

      That’s entirely possible. When I saw the video clip on it, it looked he jumped up and hit him on accident. I don’t think it was on purpose, but apparently the coach didnt agree with that assessment

      • Sue

        totally disrespectful. Cheap shot. Did he stop and help the band member? He should be suspended.

        • http://yardbarker linebacker

          they shouldnt be on the field anyway! not too many people come to see the band at a football game! cheap shot or not when you step onto a football field you should always be ready to be hit!

          • Sure

            That’s right only real men should be on the football field. If you’re singing the National Anthem on the field before the game, watch out because you’re on a football field and should always be ready to be hit! Even during the halftime show, if you don’t want to get hit then do the halftime show on the sideline!

  • Sue

    Totally unacceptable. Cheap shot. Did he stop to help the band member? Very disrepectful. He should be suspended.

  • Martin

    Its a very disrespectful move for the entire team to enter the field through the band; I don’t find it acceptable that they did not either go around or wait for the band to finish exiting. There is to much that can be damaged running through an ensemble like that, both marching members and costly musical instruments.

    NIU has a short history of going through the band, last time in ’01 they went through a group that had reserved use of the practice field. That time, one band member had a broken jaw, another a severely sprained ankle. A few players were suspended, and a coach fired.