LSU and Alabama Tailgate Brawl (video)

By Riley Schmitt!

Before the supposed “Game of the Century”, there was plenty of tailgating to be done.  Of course, no one would expect the LSU and Bama fans to get along.  A LSU fan invaded a Crimson Tide tailgate and then the brawl was on.

The LSU fan in this video is pretty ballsy.  Walking into a hostile tailgate and taking no prisoners is pretty damn cool.  It looks like LSU has better tailgaters and a better football team this year.

I’m actually kind of shocked the Bama fans didn’t remove the enemy from the tailgate.  They kept letting him come back to interrupt more proceedings.  Either way, it looked like a great prequel to a game that was just as hard-hitting.

Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the video.

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