Was Bob Knight Drinking a Beer During Tonight's Broadcast?

By Riley Schmitt

Normally, there’s nothing better than a cold beer during a sporting event.  However, it’s probably not advised to be drinking one during a game that you are working at.  Duke took on Michigan State tonight as Coach K was pursuing his record breaking 903rd win and he happened to be tied with one of the guys broadcasting.  During the broadcast, the camera cut to a shot of the announcers and Bobby Knight was shown to be drinking a brown liquid out of a clear cup.

Now I’m no expert, but I don’t believe they sell soda in cups like that.  That basically leaves beer as the only option.  If that is true, Bob Knight truly is a legend.  I would imagine a hammered Knight could do a better job breaking down a basketball game than 95 percent of the announcers who are sober.

I tip my hat to you Mr. Knight if that was indeed a beer.  A totally ballsy move and one that is going to gain you a lot of admiration from college basketball fans everywhere.

Thanks to Mock Session for the photo.

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