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Top 15 Most Clutch Players of All Time In 3 Major Sports

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One of the most talked about debates that will never go away is the most clutch player in every sport's history. For some sports, like basketball, the debate is not even that at all. Michael Jordan is considered by pretty much everyone with a brain to be considered the most clutch player of his sport.

When you get into the other sports, and baseball especially, it gets a little cloudy. Baseball is particularly hard to do simply due to it having been around forever.

I did my best to narrow down the five most clutch players from every major American sport. Enjoy.

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MLB No. 5 - Derek Jeter, aka "Mr. November"

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Derek Jeter is arguably the best post-season player of his generation, hitting .309 with 20 homers and 60 RBIs when it matters the most. He also has a .321 average in the World Series, and will hopefully get a chance to add to that this season.

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MLB No. 4 - Lou Gehrig

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The Iron Horse was incredible in the postseason, which often times goes unnoticed because of his running mate Babe Ruth. Lou Gehrig batted .361 with 10 homers and 35 RBIs in seven post season appearances, and had two separate times where he batted over .500 in the world series.

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MLB No. 3 - Mariano Rivera, aka "The Sandman"

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Mariano Rivera is one of the most incredible postseason pitchers of all time. His numbers are off the charts. In 96 relief appearances he has 42 saves, an 8-1 record, a 0.70 ERA, 110 Ks in 141 innings. Mind boggling.

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MLB No. 2 - Sandy Koufax

SOURCE: sportsillustrated.cnn.com

Sandy Koufax is not only one of the greatest pitchers period, he also stepped his game up in the postseason. In 7 starts he was 4-3 with an incredible 0.95 ERA and 61 strikeouts.

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MLB No. 1 - Reggie Jackson, aka "Mr. October"

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Reggie Jackson was one of the most clutch hitters of all time, and hit best moment came in the World Series, when he hit three homers on three straight pitches in Game 6 of the '77 series. He had 18 homers in 11 playoff appearances with the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics.

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NBA No. 5 - Robert Horry, aka "Big Shot Rob"

SOURCE: houston.cbslocal.com

Robert Horry may have not been a super star, but he is perhaps the most clutch shooter of all time. He hit some huge shots in his career and played on seven NBA championship teams.

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NBA No. 4 - Bill Russell


Bill Russell is the real definition of a winner. He won 11 NBA titles in his playing career, which will never be matched, ever. It was a different game back then with a lot fewer teams, but Russell played the hand he was dealt and you cannot fault him for the era he played in. He averaged 16.2 points and 24.9 rebounds per game in the playoffs.

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NBA No. 3 - Larry Bird


All you need to do to see Larry Bird's clutch ability is see that he had 10 triple doubles in playoff games. He won three titles with the Boston Celtics and averaged 23.8 points, 10.3 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game in the playoffs. He was LeBron James, but better.

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NBA No. 2 - Kobe Bryant

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Kobe Bryant is not only one of the most clutch shooters ever, but he's got five rings to match the late game heroics. Some believe he may never approach Michael Jordan, but if he wins two more rings we may have to have that discussion.

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NBA No. 1 - Michael Jordan


This isn't even a debate. The most clutch shooter of all time and went six for six in the finals with six NBA Finals MVPs. Enough said.

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NFL No. 5 - Otto Graham

SOURCE: secure.plaind.com

Otto Graham played in 10 NFL Championship games, winning seven rings. No other quarterback has more than four. The only reason he's not farther up the list is the position was much different back then, but nobody can take his record away from him.

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NFL No. 4 - Dan Marino

SOURCE: blogs.browardpalmbeach.com

Dan Marino is No. 1 in NFL history in fourth quarter comebacks and game winning drives, according to Pro Football Reference. That's enough to put him on this list alone. It's unfortunate he wasn't able to win that elusive Super Bowl ring.

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NFL No. 3 - John Elway

SOURCE: sportsillustrated.cnn.com

John Elway got a reputation for leading his team back late in games. No example of that was better than his late game, 98-yard drive to beat the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs. He was able to ride off into the sunset with two Super Bowl rings at the end of his career, and is considered one of the greatest QBs ever.

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NFL No. 2 - Tom Brady


Tom Brady is the leader in playoff winning percentage (16-6) and has played in five Super Bowls, winning three. Some consider him to be the greatest post-season quarterback ever, but his two losses to Eli Manning have kept him below the guy on top.

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NFL No. 1 - Joe Montana, aka "Joe Cool"

SOURCE: pyromaniac.com

Joe Montana is easily the most clutch NFL player of all time. He went 4-0 in Super Bowls and led many a come-from-behind drive in his career, including in the playoffs. His play to Dwight Clark, dubbed "The Catch," is perhaps one of the most popular plays in NFL history.