Video: Little Girl Takes Vikings Loss to Packers Pretty Hard

By Dan Parzych

Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s very common for die-hard sports fans to shed tears when their favorite team loses–no matter what sport it is. While this may be seen mostly by adult sports fans, that doesn’t mean little kids can’t get upset about their favorite sports team.

The video above shows one young Minnesota Vikings fan shedding tears after her beloved team failed to beat the Green Bay Packers last Monday night. As everyone knows, the defending Super Bowl champions had little trouble getting by their division rivals in what ended up being a 45-7 blowout–so this girl along with plenty of other Vikings fans had every reason in the world to be upset.

If you’re amazed at how upset this girl gets over the Vikes at this young age, just imagine what type of fan she’ll be when she becomes older. It’s difficult not to feel bad for her being upset, but you have to give her credit for showing passion and emotion for her beloved team.

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