Volcano Surfing: The Hottest Extreme Sport (video)

By Riley Schmitt


There are a lot of extreme sports out there that I would not even think about attempting.  This latest sport from Nicaragua shoots to the top of that list.  Known as “volcano surfing”, extreme sport enthusiasts slide down a volcano at top speeds.

Darryn Webb founded the sport in 2005 while working at a hostel near the Cerro Negra volcano.  Over 10,000 people have attempted to slide down the volcano at a 41 degree angle, which is about as extreme as it gets.

I know for a fact that I would never attempt this, but I tip my hat to those who do.  It takes guts to slide down an active volcano, especially on makeshift sleds.  The danger is real, but so are the thrills.

Thanks to Huffington Post for the story.

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