At 73 Years Old Former NFL-CFL QB Joe Kapp is Not Afraid to Drop Somebody (Video)

By Johnny Machurek

You have to watch it to believe it two 73 year-old former CFL players fighting about something that happened 40 years-ago.!

And watch it I have (at least 15 times), Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca duked it out at a charity event.

After just seeing the fight from fellow blogger Matt Wagner, I had no idea what the background of this all was. I decided to do some researching and came across this in the New York Times:

Drew Edwards of The Scratching Post blog, which covers the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, gave the background:

The animosity between the two dates back to the 1963 Grey Cup game, when Mosca hit running back Willie Fleming with a shot that many – including Kapp – felt was dirty. It knocked Fleming from the game, which the Ticats won 21-10. Kapp refused to shake Mosca’s hand afterward.

Mosca said  Kapp started things on Friday by swearing at him after he tried to say hello. Mosca was also quoted by Edwards as saying:

“They showed the Willie Fleming incident on the screen – it was like it was a setup. He comes up to me with a flower in his hand taken from the table, one of the centrepieces, and he sticks the flower in my nose.Then he shoves it in my nose. I reacted with my cane and then he punched me and I went down. Then he kicked me.”

All I have to say is Mosca shouldn’t be mad when you swing your cane and than get dropped by Joe Kapp’s sweet right hook.

The part that cracks me up is when Kapp starts saying sportsmanship.  I mean he did try to bury the hatchet with a flower right?  Another classic moment is when the audience thinks it is a joke and they’re laughing then all of a sudden they are shocked it is real.  A few spectators laugh when Mosca is KO’d…quite honestly I would have burst into laughter too.

This looks like another tale of two guys who did not take their medication at the retirement home.

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