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Breaking News: Suh Suspended 2 Games

The NFL league office has just handed down a two-game suspension to the Detroits Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh for stomping on a player during the Thanksgiving Day game against the Packers. The Lions were awarded a 15-yard penalty and Suh was ejected from the game for his actions, resulting in a major hole in Detroit’s defense.

Ndamukong Suh is quickly getting a dirty player reputation. He will keep saying he is under a microscope and that his play is legal. He has his points, a great deal of NFL players are dirty or play that way on Sunday’s. Suh just keeps getting his hand caught in the cookie jar. His unsportsmanlike penalty helped take the Lions out of Thursday’s contest against Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay.

Suh’s antics are beginning to effect his team and organization. There have to be consequences for everyone on your team, no matter of stature. It does not matter that Suh is the Lions most dominant defensive presence, he needs to be dealt with like he was so he can learn.

After the game, Suh made a personal phone call to NFL commissioner Roger Godell. Obviously, the call did not help his cause, but it demonstrates he knows how to work the system. At least he followed procedure after a situation like Thursday occurred.

Bottom line is everyone in the league does what Suh did, they just don’t always get caught on video. Suh will continue to be followed under a microscope, not only for his dirty antics, but for his stellar play. There are two sides to this situation. Suh can either maintain the bad reputation he is receiving or he can revive his pre-draft hype and make people forget this dark time with great play.

Professional sports are a funny thing. In one instance, an athlete can be loathed and despised by all because of a bad decision. For example, Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the league, Mike Vick and his dogs, and now Suh. However, Burress and Vick have restored their reputations for the most part in football circles. With a conscientious effort and exceptional results on the field, Vick and Burress fans are back on the bandwagon. Suh can do the same if he gets back to what he does best…playing football and dominating offense lineman with his pure strength, agility and athleticism that has never been seen in a defensive lineman. He could be great, but he could just as easily be forgotten if his talent goes to waist.