Big Ten Paying Fans to Attend Title Game?

By Patrick Erickson

Got plans Friday night? Like somewhat decent football? Want to make $75? If you have answered yes to these then do we have a deal for you.

The Big Ten has an ad on Craigslist offering 75 bucks for people to attend Saturday Night’s championship game between Wisconsin and Michigan State.

The title game was supposed to be a highlight of the now 12-team Big Ten. Played in beautiful Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the once-great Indianapolis Colts, the event was going to attract fans from around the mid-west and the nation.

Until Wisconsin tumbled from the top 5 and Michigan State joined them in the middle of the rankings. Two very good teams, but no national title implications. And no ticket sales. So now one of the nation’s premier collegiate leagues is reverting to Hollywood tactics to save face.

So as long as you have dark green or red clothing (sounds nice and Christmasy) and you can make it to the game, feel free to earn yourself a little spending money.

UPDATE: Big Ten spokesman Scott Chipman says the conference has nothing to do with hiring any seat fillers for championship game.

Of course that’s what they have to say. Maybe they don’t have anything to do DIRECTLY with it. But maybe a major sponsor does.

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