7 of the Hottest Female Athletes to Look for in 2012

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7 Hot Female Athletes for 2012

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY

What's the best part of women's sports? You guessed it: the good-looking athletes. Ladies, when you husband or boyfriend says he's watching "sports" when women's tennis is on, he's lying to you. Guys, I'm right there with you on women's tennis and all other women's sports, for that matter.

From soccer to softball to Mixed Martial Arts (seriously), we've got some good-looking girls who like to get sweaty on the field, court and even in the pool. The best part? There are a ton of photographers taking breath-taking images of every second of the action and we've got some of those right here in our list of the 7 hottest female athletes to look for in 2012:

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Alex Morgan: Soccer

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Anastasia Ashley: Surfing

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Lolo Jones: Track and Field

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Gina Carano: MMA

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Hope Solo: Soccer

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
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Jace Williams: Softball

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Leryn Franco: Track and Field


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  • Ralph DeMattia

    This is really pathetic and sexist….an I am a male. The only reason these dames are on this clown’s watch-list is because they are physically very attractive. Who the hell watches Javelin throwers; REALLY? He reinforces my and many males’ opinion that women’s sports are boring, anless you throw in a tight ass and nouncing boobs. I’ll continue to watch mens sports….thank you!

    • chode killer85

      Women sports are boring!!!

    • http://zorro.com ElZorro

      Come on man……Really??!!!Enjoy watching MEN’S HUGE MOOSE KNUCKLES in men’s sports…I love to watch female camel toes in Women’s Sports….It is not SEXIST to enjoy female’s beauty, but IT IS DEFINITELY GAY and HOMOSEXUAL not to enjoy it…not that there is anything WRONG with it:)))

    • http://MSN john

      By not being able to recognize the athlete as an athlete who has other than sports talent, makes your calling her a dame instead of a woman,your own words of sexist. What you called the person who appreciates this athlete; leads me to believe you are not an athlete. Throw the jav; and make your point after she out performed you. People who call womens sports boring, know how to control the remote and lazy boy handle. Mens sports are great and fun to watch, watch being the oppretive word; I would lay down $100.00 to WATCH you perform as well as the women who PLAY sports.You are out of your league if you are not able to admit, women are good athletes, and there is one who can probably throw the jav further than you can throw a softball!!!

    • http://MSN John (Utah)

      You can’t even call her a woman, you have to slang your thoughts of her with the word dame, and than accuse others with the word sexist. I would like to see how you could throw the jav, your comment of watching mens sports instead of women’s is OK, but you have the remote and lazyboy handle near you while you pretent you are as good as any athlete. Women are good athletes and you have a problem that she has other than sports atributes, and she has been noticed. I bet she could nearly throw the jav further than you can throw a softball! Don’t make the word WATCH an opretive word, go out and DO it. I had to write you again for the sake of men who know women are good athletes, you probably have dirty magazines under your bed.

    • http://n/a joe

      Ralph is gay

    • http://rant Ricko

      Boring? I’d love to see anyone of these boys up against any of these gals in there respective sport…I’m sure that would be pathetic! BTW, where’s Danica?
      Go get em gals. I’ll be watching for sure!!

    • Don Spivey

      Yeah, tool, you kinda could figure that out from the title of the list. Not very bright, are you?

  • jjjjj

    Sooooo…there are no African American or other minorities in the top seven to look forward to in 2012? Apart from being sexist, this borders on racist. Perhaps you should tweak the title to, Seven Great White Hype Female Athletes to look for in 2012.

    • roger

      yes by all means make sure you include some African American athletes even if they do not deserve it. That was we can keep a very very small portion of our society happy. Although they will never be happy.

      • ken

        roger … you forgot other minorities … and your use of the word they shows your lack of education

      • http://kkk john kelly

        you are a stupid moroon rot in hell

        • Scarborough Fayre

          John, if you don’t like inequality then by all means, watch all the black women you want! Don’t blame us, blame God!

      • Louis

        Hooray! A politically corect reply!!! Oh yeah. What ever happened to the Miss “Black America” pagent? Guess it went the way of the Miss “Ivory White America” too. Get with it minorities – like myself – live life NOW & not 100 yrs ago. My grandparents were also discriminated against, but we all have to move on and get over it.

        • free

          That made no sense! The Miss Black America Pageant was created because black women were being overlooked in beauty contests. This board is an example of that! All white with one mixed race/ woman?
          Of course, according to white men (and black men) not having black women on “beauty” and “hottest” lists isn’t discrimination- its just fact.

      • free

        You hate affirmative action- we get it.
        But you are also the reason why it exists. All white “best” lists? No blacks, asians, others?
        There are NO hot black women in sports. That is a fact, right?
        In your defense, black men pretty much agree with you. But they also agree that there are no white men on the “most handsome” men of sports lists.

        • gilgerard

          Did I say there are NO hot black woman in sports? Didn’t think so. Let me guess, the USA blew up the twin towers too right? You want a conspiracy theory? Go check out the NBA referees.

          You are the reason why Affirmative Action exists. You turn everything into race related when it has nothing to do with the problem. If you don’t like thi post? Don’t read it. That simple.

          • gilgerard

            *When it has nothing to do with the article

    • http://microsoft bob roberts

      Don’t be angry…it’s not our fault blacks can’t take over the quarterback position.

    • No Thanks

      You know what’s funny…all the people asking where the African women are at gave NO EXAMPLES of any in their comment…so JJJJJ, which black woman was left out….and her name is “what”. This list was comprised of many races and ethnicities all women. BTW, the Javelin thrower is NOT a white woman, she is a Paraguaya’. People, we have a BLACK president, time to put the race card away now and stop using it as an excuse to get what you want.

  • win landry

    women sports are not boring. i watch womens fast pitch softball and they are good. i don’t feel women should compete in all sports but they are a lot of sports they can. i was a 6 handicap golfer and my wife beat me all the time. if a man doesn’t like women sports it because he cannot compete with them.

  • http://thebackyard richard

    you left out Sarah Backman- professional female armwrestler from sweden.

  • Tony

    Sexist? Racist? Good lord that’s it, I’m moving to Canada. People whine way too much about silly stuff. No wonder our nation is in the shape we’re in.

  • http://dkdkdkdkdk john kelly

    during last years womens college basketball tournament, tyler diggins stood out not only as a go to ball player and leader but also as a beautiful black women, they do exist .

    • aj

      skyler diggins. good call.

  • Jason

    The Javelin is my new nickname for Mr Happy.

    • gilgerard


      Best. Comment. Ever. Thank you.

  • gilgerard

    Oh dear, I hurt some feelings. Oh well. You can turn it into “racism” or “sexism” all you want Ralph and the guy with 18 J’s in his name. It shows that YOU have the problem. Not me. When you think everything is racially motivated, it shows that YOU are the one that isn’t educated.

    Men like to look at woman. Female Athletes are sexy. Not only are these ladies hot and attractive, they’re also insanely talented. Get over it and go cry to your congressman.

    It’s a top 7 list Ralph. Would you like to do a top 100? Be my guest- I’ll get my editor to sign off on that. Deal?

    Just to be clear- I’m white and my girlfriend is from Costa Rica. You can take your racism comment and shove it.

    JJJJJ, you aren’t allowed to read my blogs anymore.

    • Wig

      Are you going to report JJJJJ to the cyberpolice and make sure the consequences will never be the same?

      • gilgerard

        @Wig: Yes…yes I will! He’s been verbally banned. I don’t need his readershop.

        @easy007: You are the most picky male on the history of the planet. Rough

        @carl: Thank you.

    • free

      Why is he being banned? There were people on this board who posted pretty racist stuff (ala- god made made black women not qualify for the list and a Miss Black America crack).
      JJJJ’s crime was criticizing YOU? Are you a 12 years old? Do you have balls? Or can you only deal with applause?

      • gilgerard

        Haha, you can’t actually ban someone from reading. It’s just a verbal ban. If you people REALLY think this is a racist article, then the problem enlies with you my friend. Not me. Seeing as well I have many friends that are black, asian, white, latino etc. I don’t need anything to prove to you. Maybe I should have did a top 8 and had Candice Parker there because I find her extremely attractive off the floor.

        Go back into your hole, sit in your closet, and cry about all the injustices this article brought you in your life.

  • Chicano303

    I’d smell Leryn Franco’s ass, who’s with me?

  • DenverCholoX3

    I want to smell Leryn Franco’s ass. Damn she’s hot! Who’s with me?

  • easy007

    Only one hot female (Miss Javelin)

  • Carl

    In general the women are far better to watch in any sport. They don’t pick fights trying to impress the audience; and they work harder at their sport than most guys. Plus they are a heck of a lot better looking than any guy.

  • Summitmarker

    Lets be real for a minute. If these girls only wanted to be taken seriously as athletes and didn’t want to be viewed as sexual objects as well then they wouldn’t be doing photo shoots in bikinis and lingerie. I say if they pose for sexy pics then they should expect to end up on a hottest athletes of ______ list.

    • gilgerard

      Keep in mind, Mark Sanchez and many other male athletes do the same thing in terms of self promotion. Seeing as I’m a guy and I enjoy woman- you won’t be seeing me write about it, but woman look at male athletes as sex objects as well. Clearly the haters don’t know what a jersey chaser is.

      What’s so wrong with someone showing what they got? Sex is a part of our society whether we like it or not. People need to stop whining and grow up a little bit. As brobible likes to say: “the pussification of America continues”

      • Tony

        Yes! Yes! I personally think with all the free time we to whine in this country…we should bring back the draft. People need to start focusing on what’s really important. Every time someone cries “wolf” the real injustices that are taking place become nothing more than background noise.

  • Minority

    NOT 1 “MINORITY” Shame on You

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509104334 Riley Schmitt

      oh start a blog and complain about it

    • gilgerard

      Actually Mr. Minority, several of those woman are minorities. One is even from Brazil! That makes her Brazilian and a minority of my heritage. You might want to look up the word, minority. Although by the sounds of it- you’re clearly intelligent.

      You aren’t allowed to read my blog anymore either.

      • free

        Geez! Giselle Bungeoun (super model) is german- not Brazilian. Charlize Theron is Dutch- African.
        Nationality is not race or ethnicity.

        • gilgerard

          Gee- Thanks Mr. Philosophy.

  • http://yardbarker Ivan Kreipe

    You left off the hottest, best, most talented female athlete of all time undisputed Super-middleweight champion of the World (50-0),Natascha Ragosina.


    • gilgerard

      She is a dime Mr. Kreipe! Thank you for showing me the error of my ways!

  • Ivan Jagonov

    Speaking of javelins… THERE it is!

    (and where is Blanca Vlasic on this list?)

  • free

    Read the blurb under the “Leave A Rant” square. It reads:

    “Agree? Disagree? Have a different opinion? Let us know what you think…
    and oh, if you want a pic to show with your comment, go get a gravatar”

    [It doesn't say "Have only nice things to say? Want to repeat everything the author wrote?"]

    • gilgerard

      Wow! Thanks for enlightening me to the comment box of the site I write for! I never noticed! Disagreeing is one thing. Being an idiot and turning everything into race related like a child is obnoxious and thus Rant Sports is too sophisticated and intelligent for the likes of a narrow minded homer.

  • mr wonder who

    gilgerard i find u 2 be an idiot, im just saying.
    you swear that you are intelligent, when in fact you are ignorant and stupid. that im also just saying.

    • gilgerard

      Aww…I’m hurt. Maybe I should whine and make accusations like…”Mr. Wonder, you said that to me because I’m white didn’t you.” Give me break.

      Hate to break it to ya, but not everything is about race. Seeing as you don’t know me, what I stand for, whom I’m friends with- you judging me based off a stupid article makes you the idiot. Not me.

      that I’m also just saying.

  • Snicklefritz Kadiddlehopper

    Alex Morgan – just plain drop dead gorgeous, and with a smile that lights up the whole room. A fantastic, hard working, clean cut, clean living athlete who doesn’t need to undress to impress. And, oh yes, all you blithering idiot affirmative action crybabies who think nothing is fair and politically correct unless it has equal representation from all races, maybe we should be totally fair and include some Baptists and some Lutherans and some Catholics and some bankers and some secretaries and some lawyers and some native citizens and some immigrants and some illegal aliens and you get the picture. By the way, Alex Morgan, the most refreshing young lady in your gallery, is a “minority”, as if that should make any difference.

    • gilgerard

      I love Alex Morgan. you had no idea how much I wanted to put her number 1!

      Thanks for the feedback- I couldn’t agree more.

  • jk90us

    Look for where? In Playboy?