7 Sexiest Sports Moments from 2011

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7 Sexiest Sports Moments in 2011


The past calendar year saw several really sexy moments in the world of sports. Attractive athletes did some pretty attractive things and some other attractive folks who aren't necessarily athletes did some really attractive things. Even still, some fans and just random people did some very sexy things at or near sporting events. So all of those things rolled together equal the sexiest sports moments of the 2011 calendar year.

Honorable mention was Kate Upton joining Twitter, hence the picture above. We're pretty sure you weren't worried about why the picture was there, but just in case.

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Los Angeles Temptation win the Lingerie Bowl


What's better than some scantily-clad ladies playing football? Some scantily-clad (and good-looking) ladies winning a championship.

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Rob Ryan puts Diora Baird on his play chart


What better way to inspire your play-calling than to stick a picture of a smoking hot babe like Diora Baird on your play chart?

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Arianny Celeste stars in a Bud Light Lime commercial

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Josefine Oqvist switches jerseys with a fan

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Paulina Gretzky goes nuts with Twitter pictures


The Great One (Wayne Gretzky) may not like it, but we sure do. His physically-blessed daughter can keep putting revealing pictures of herself on Twitter all she wants. We don't mind!

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Brooklyn Dekcer presents Lindsey Vonn with ESPY Award


There was a hotness explosion at the 2011 ESPYs when Brooklyn Decker presented Lindsey Vonn with an award. When they hugged in their tight little mini-dresses, fireworks went off. Well, not really, but they did in our heads.

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Couple kisses during Vancouver Riot


Nothing is sexier than two people laying down and tongue wrestling in the middle of a deadly riot. Period.

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