Top 10 Most Annoying Athletes

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  • lewis orr

    I dissagree and I think you’re bigoted.

  • Joe Mamma

    This writer, “Ten Most Annoying Athletes,” is terrible. Someone should give him a thesaurus for Christmas to find a different word for “annoying.” I understand that is the basis of the article, but it doesn’t need to be used so frequently. Its also a shitty list, three Celtics? Don’t know how this guy is published, could use some pointers in the humor department as well.

  • Tim Scritchfield

    This joker is obviously a Lakers fan. 3 Celtics ( all of which belong on this list), and NO Lakers. HA!!! THE most annoying athlete is all of sports (and probably of all time) is Kobe Bryant, and he didn’t even make the list!!!! This list is a joke.

  • Seth

    Also he is most likely a UCLA fan. USC player and a Cal player. 3 celtics, 2 heat players, 1 cavs player. Biggest homer I’ve ever seen. Why not Rapelisberger or Ray Lewis? I guess murder and rape aren’t as annoying as teams that win.

  • Greg Arnold

    What happened to T.O. and Ochocinco? Albert Haynesworth? Pac-Man Jones?

  • Anonymousnupe

    Hmm, Joshua, slow sports news day, huh? I see you’ve already shut it down (brain, creativity, critical thought) for the Christmas holiday, huh?

  • Joshua Casey

    Alright guys of course when someone (anyone) does a list of players nobody is ever going to agree on with everyone on the list. Now I may have missed some players but I can’t put everyone on the list. It’s a top 10 not a top 1 million.

  • William Wheeler

    Joshua, I have never met or seen you, but I am 100% certain you are white! Why? Let’s examine the your little article. Ten villians and five of them are Black men. FIVE!50%!! Black people are 10% of the American population (Black men less than 5%), but Black men are 50% of the people you hate. Statistians will tell you that a discrepancy that great can only be explain by prejudice in the sample—in this case RACIAL PREJUDICE!!!

    White men, on the other hand, make up about 40% of the US population, but only 20% of your hate list. I wonder why?

  • Joshua Casey

    @William Wheeler about 80-85% of the NBA is black. The black players on my list are from the NBA. Most players who are actually good are black but there are a few white players who are good. Varejao isn’t black is he?? If I would of put all people you would of still said I’m a racist so either way I can’t win. So don’t try to play the race card, I’m not a racist and you have no right making a comment like that because you don’t even know me.