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Video: Purdue Students Make Rap Video “Boiler Up”


For whatever reason, rap videos have become all the rage at colleges.  Not watching them, mind you.  Actually creating them and the popularity behind it is unbelievable.  Last week, we saw the Georgia students make a video in an attempt to either embarrass themselves or intimidate LSU.  This week, Purdue University takes charge with the new video “Boiler Up.”

Seriously guys?  As a life long Purdue fan, I am appalled by this.  Purdue is better than this.  Indiana and Notre Dame can stoop this low and we’ll give them crap for days on end.  It’s kind of hard to keep doing that when you expose Purdue to the same ideal.

I haven’t seen positive reaction to this video yet and I don’t expect to.  This should serve as a lesson to people everywhere.  Just because you can make a rap video, it doesn’t mean that you actually should.

Thanks to Hammer and Rails for the video.