The 10 Hottest Athletes From Random Sports

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10 Hot Female Athletes From Random Sports


There are a lot of attractive female athletes in the more notable sports, like soccer and softball. However, there are also tons of good-looking ladies who play sports that aren't quite as popular around the world.

Rant Sports is here to help you discover some of these athletes who are very easy on the eyes. As fellow Rant Sports writer Bryan Lutz likes to say, they're sexy and I know it. Actually, pretty much everyone knows it, or at least they will after they view this slide show featuring 10 of the hottest female athletes from random sports.

No, we are not talking about sports that you have never heard of and especially ones you can't pronounce. Of course, you will have heard of a few of these lovely laides, but not all of them. Naturally, we saved the best for last and who doesn't already know about the best? Well, if you don't already know about the best, you are certainly in for a treat. So without further ado, feast your eyes on the 10 hottest female athletes from what we call random sports:

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Michelle Jenneke: Track & Field

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Carling Coffing: Golf

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Victoria Azarenka: Tennis

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Blair O'Neal: Golf

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Michelle Waterson: MMA

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Carissa Moore: Surfing

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Tatiana Navka: Ice Dancing

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Allison Baver: Speed Skating

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Danica Patrick: Auto Racing

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Lindsey Vonn: Skiing