Fraud: Todd Graham Shows Unbelievable Cowardice in Taking Arizona State Job

By Luke McConnell

The Arizona State football head coaching search is finally complete.

After failing to bring SMU’s June Jones and new Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin to Tempe, the Sun Devils announced today that former Pittsburgh head man Todd Graham would be the new leader of the Sun Devils.

Unfortunately, the whole country now knows what Graham really is: a fraud, a liar, and overall, a selfish man.

Graham had only been at Pittsburgh for one season. He took the position after several years at Tulsa and after Mike Haywood was fired for a domestic battery arrest. Graham actually asked Pittsburgh athletic director Steve Pederson for permission to speak with Arizona State about the open position. When Pederson denied the permission, Graham resigned.

Graham didn’t even tell his players in person that he would not be back next season. Instead, he thought it best to send them a text.

Pittsburgh receiver Devin Street took to Twitter after receiving the text from Graham and absolutely laid into his former head coach. Here are some of the examples of what Street said.

Just to let yall know he just told us he’s here to stay when Coach McGee left .. Said him and his coaches have 5 year contracts.”

“No class, he’s a quitter, soft, liar, hypocrite.”

While those statements seem pretty harsh, it would appear, based on the nature of Graham’s exit, that they’re extremely warranted.

Unfortunately, it’s not even the first time that Graham has done this to his players.

While Graham was at Rice, he guided the Owls to a winning season for the first time in many years. After the season, he told his players that he was going to be with them for some time. The next day, he took the head coaching job at Tulsa.

Players and fans at Rice had the same reaction that was coming out of Pittsburgh today. Even while Graham was at Tulsa, he was constantly fishing for other job opportunities.

The problem with Graham’s actions aren’t just that they’re selfish. They are. Very much so. But the fact is, he isn’t even that great of a coach. He doesn’t have a stellar win-loss record and his job-hopping habit shows he also has some issues when relating to people.

Ultimately, Graham is an extremely selfish man that cares nothing about the well-being of the players that he has been entrusted with. ASU fans and players can’t be feeling too good about the fact they’re getting a coach that has twice bailed on his team after just one season.

Arizona State has a coach, yes, but they have a fraud of an individual for that position. Anything he says or does should be treated with caution.

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