Stephen A. Smith Changing His Tune On Tebow

By Tony Piraro

Thursday afternoon on ESPN’s First Take, contributor Stephen A. Smith began to take a different stance on Tim Tebow. Instead of constantly refuting the possibility that Tim Tebow will ever be a good NFL quarterback, Smith finally admitted Thursday that Tebow’s future upside to be good, is indeed good.

Smith was once again locked in a heated debate with another consistent contributor to First Take in the form of Skip Bayless. The never outspoken Bayless will go as far as he can with his point, even if it means personally attacking someone and judging their character and integrity. Bayless lives by the motto, by any means necessary. Regardless, on this day Stephen A. Smith was on the side of Skip Bayless supporting his argument that Tebow will be a good NFL quarterback in the future.

Maybe Smith is just thinking, if you can’t beat em, join em! Bayless persistently supports Tebow to the point it becomes nauseating. Some people loved Tebow before Bayless got his hands on him, and now can’t stand the sound of Tim’s name. You can thank Skip for that.

If someone just didn’t like Tebow before they listened to the man-love Bayless has for the quarterback, they almost assuredly hate the Broncos signal caller by this point. Regardless, Stephen A. Smith was the most avid person on television the past two months opposing Tim Tebow and his NFL skill set. Now, he is saying Tebow will continue to not be good this season, even though he is 7-1 as a starter currently, but will grow into a solid NFL quarterback in the future. So which is it Stephen?

Do you like him or not? You can’t just say he is terrible right now because of bad mechanics and then follow that statement with support of future success. It doesn’t work that way in sports. If you don’t have it in your fundamentals now, chances are you will never have it. Stephen A. Smith just wants Skip Bayless off his back for the rest of this season, so he cautiously advises people that Tebow will be better off in the future instead of now. But, right now may be the best Tim Tebow will ever be!

The Denver quarterback doesn’t have the typical skill set to be a star in this league. He is however on fire right now, as is his teams’ defense. If anything, I think the opposite is true with Smith’s new arguments. I believe Tebow is at his best right now and will only get worse as his time goes on in the NFL. Once teams start figuring him out, Tebow doesn’t have the natural skills to keep him above water. He will just simply drown alongside Stephen A. Smith’s ambivalent rants.

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