Stephen A. Smith Changing His Tune On Tebow

Thursday afternoon on ESPN’s First Take, contributor Stephen A. Smith began to take a different stance on Tim Tebow. Instead of constantly refuting the possibility that Tim Tebow will ever be a good NFL quarterback, Smith finally admitted Thursday that Tebow’s future upside to be good, is indeed good.

Smith was once again locked in a heated debate with another consistent contributor to First Take in the form of Skip Bayless. The never outspoken Bayless will go as far as he can with his point, even if it means personally attacking someone and judging their character and integrity. Bayless lives by the motto, by any means necessary. Regardless, on this day Stephen A. Smith was on the side of Skip Bayless supporting his argument that Tebow will be a good NFL quarterback in the future.

Maybe Smith is just thinking, if you can’t beat em, join em! Bayless persistently supports Tebow to the point it becomes nauseating. Some people loved Tebow before Bayless got his hands on him, and now can’t stand the sound of Tim’s name. You can thank Skip for that.

If someone just didn’t like Tebow before they listened to the man-love Bayless has for the quarterback, they almost assuredly hate the Broncos signal caller by this point. Regardless, Stephen A. Smith was the most avid person on television the past two months opposing Tim Tebow and his NFL skill set. Now, he is saying Tebow will continue to not be good this season, even though he is 7-1 as a starter currently, but will grow into a solid NFL quarterback in the future. So which is it Stephen?

Do you like him or not? You can’t just say he is terrible right now because of bad mechanics and then follow that statement with support of future success. It doesn’t work that way in sports. If you don’t have it in your fundamentals now, chances are you will never have it. Stephen A. Smith just wants Skip Bayless off his back for the rest of this season, so he cautiously advises people that Tebow will be better off in the future instead of now. But, right now may be the best Tim Tebow will ever be!

The Denver quarterback doesn’t have the typical skill set to be a star in this league. He is however on fire right now, as is his teams’ defense. If anything, I think the opposite is true with Smith’s new arguments. I believe Tebow is at his best right now and will only get worse as his time goes on in the NFL. Once teams start figuring him out, Tebow doesn’t have the natural skills to keep him above water. He will just simply drown alongside Stephen A. Smith’s ambivalent rants.

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  • CJ

    Are you kidding me! Your claim is that people don’t like Tebow because of Skip Bayless….is that what your sayin? You, I guess are one of those that hates Tebow? You and all the other haters just simply don’t like him and it’s not because of Bayless, be a man and admit you don’t like Tebow because he wears his faith and speaks about it, or maybe I should ask who your favorite college teams are. Cause that is the other reason people hate Tebow because of the college he comes from. Everyone wants to hate on this young man when all he does is play football and maybe not that well at time, but you can tell he is grateful to be playing and loves the game. All the pundits and analyst keep saying he needs stop getting all the credit for the way the Broncos are playing, but all he does is give everyone else credit and talk about where he needs to improve. At the same time the analyst say he shouldn’t get all the credit, all they do is talk about him. If they all, with the exception of Bayless (who I am not a fan of by the way), can’t stand all this credit, please stop talking about him. If he is so displeasing to them all (you included) why do you all write about him…….SHOCKING….wait for it…..You want you piece of it too, you want to get some attention too. Or in most cases you want the large audiance talking about him brings. So while you all talk about how bad he sucks and it’s not him winning it the defense or the other team giving the game away, just remember he’s also making you more relevant. I wouldn’t have seen this article had it not been for him…

    • Tony Piraro

      Is that what you think i am saying? you are incorrect. tebow makes people not like tebow. i personally am a huge fan of tim tebow. i love everything he is about, i dont hate on winners. what i am saying, is people like me, fans of tim, are even getting sick of skip bayless and his daily rants about the guy. i mean, tebow is not the most fundamentally sound football player we have ever seen. you can agree to that right? he is unusual in his winning methods and doesnt do like most NFL quarterbacks. but, i can appreciate that he is something unique and different. Skip Bayless pushes his point to an almost cult-like degree. he doesnt see anyone elses view and really makes tebow sound better than he is. so am i saying bayless makes people hate tebow? no, tim does that. bayless just pushes people away with his subjective explosions. You can only say a guy is good after he is 7-1 to a certain degree. if his record doesnt justify, obviously people are seeing something fundamentally wrong.

  • Jace

    I think everyone is missing an important Truth. Some people “Play to the Level of their Competition”. I personally have shot Pool and played Ping Pong for almost 50 years. I don’t intentionally “Hustle”, but very, very seldom lose. I have won $100′s of thousands of dollars and more beer than Anheiser produces in a year. Bill Belichik plays to win on every single play. I believe that Tim Tebow “keeps the games close”, but knows what it takes to win when the chips are down.

    • Tony Piraro

      wow, that was the weirdest and most outside the box comparison. thank you for the comment but playing pool/ping pong and being an nfl quarterback is not even close. are you kidding me? tim keeps the games close in the first three quarters because he is failing. now people are actually thinking he is slow playing his nfl opponents? hahaha, sure man. john fox and the broncos gameplan every week is for tebow to play worse than a high school quarterback, only to making a glorious comeback on the final possessions of the game. please dont tell your friends you compared the two. I’ll let this one slide..

  • Brandon A Baffo

    When will you and most of his critics admit he can play and be a successful qb. He made it to the playoffs with a losing team. His performance in the playoff game was above par. He never got a off season he is improving while playing. But like most of his critics who have been proven so wrong it is a matter of pride for you more then his actually skills. Are you kidding me that you can say that he has not improved. Those were great throws last game but of course. You rush away to dismiss this fact. Hey were are those other rookie qbs that you and most of the critics like comparing to him. They are not in the playoffs are there. He won a game you and all the critics said he could not win. You got egg on your face you got embarrassed and its a matter of pride now.

    He is a going rookie qb that is showing great improvement. He never really played a first season was benched for alot of it and did not get a off season. But no the 8 wins are nothing right. All of them were bad or not in shape. That is the lamest excuse every used those were NFL teams. No matter what else you say he BEAT PROFESSIONAL LEVEL teams on the road. And when he lost you were are very happy to fault him with the lose. But if he wins you give to the defense or someone or something else. You hatred your embarrassment is so steep you will look for anyone else to give credit to.

    Bottom Line is you were wrong. A rookie level qb is embarrassing you and your supposed knowledge of the game. You are being made to look like a fool and you so demise that. That you will take every thing he does and say it was meaningless. The question is when in your stubbornness will you finally admit he is a NFL level qb. Does he have to win the super bowl to convince you. Or if he does will you brush it off and carry your tune.

    So Win or lose I can already see your post. If he wins you will make excuses and say it was nothing a once in the time miracle. if he loses it you will be more then happy to say it proves you right. You are hypocrite and your posts are evidence of this. He can never will never do enough for you to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong will he ?

    So just keep hating, hiding the bile that rises up in your throat when you hear he did it again. Because you and your fellow critics stay to your guns will be written off as irrelevant in the end

  • Brandon A baffo

    Lastly you know that john Elway was not the best qb when he started. In fact he was average or even a little under it. He grew into a titan of football. Even you can not deny what he did. Tim already has a better record then most in his starting season. I really do look forward to if the broncos win coming here. Watching you stutter and choke on the bile in your throat. And type out another disregarding blow him off say he is no good. Because you only digging the death of your credibility as a analyst to a unfounded embittered critic. But thanks you and all the others like you are the reason. I like tim tebow because of you. Getting to see you humiliated and embarrassed is just as priceless.