Four Students Suspended For Tebowing

By Tony Piraro

Four students have now been suspended from school for Tebowing in the halls. Students at Riverhead High School were suspended by their school for emulating Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow in the hallway. Originally, just two students were suspended, but two more were added to the fray on Friday afternoon. They were suspended because the Tebowing supposedly “clogged the hallways” making it dangerous for students to pass.

Fox New York is reporting, “School administrators say the boys were warned to stop the move in the hallway because it was creating unsafe conditions and was causing a disturbance. By the third day, they had 25-30 other students taking part in the move. And that’s when the problems started. The boys were called to the principals office and were given one day of in-school suspension.”

Apparently, Tebowing is less dangerous than planking, but has not been as publicized until late. All the kids do is kneel down on one knee as Tebow does after he scores a touchdown.

“One of their parents took the whole thing in stride. ‘I’m not upset. If the suspension stands, they’ll take it like men,’ Kenny Carrol said. The boys have appealed their in-school suspension.”

The boys will do as Tim Tebow does and graciously accept the punishment that is handed their way. If your going to act like the man, you had better be ready to accept the consequences like the man would. This whole Tebow thing is becoming comical to me, as it takes a life of its own.

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