Kris Humphries Offered AHL Job, NBA Career Over?

By Tony Piraro

The ex-husband of Kim Kardashian and current NBA free agent Kris Humphries has finally been offered a job….in the American Hockey League. The Syracuse Crunch of the AHL have offered Humphries a spot on their roster as he looks for a job in another sport.

Humphries was a double-double machine for the New Jersey Nets last season and that must of gone to his head…because not much else makes it up there. The NBA forward made a fool of himself on reality television and is now out of a job, days before the season starts and days after he got divorced. Really, times are pretty tough for the dullest man on the planet.

Yahoo’s Harrison Mooney is reporting, “The Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League, minor-league affiliate of the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks suspects that all Humphries needs in order to resurrect his career and restore his good name is escape from the hellish Kardashian limelight and get back into game shape.”

What better way to do that than playing some professional hockey and joining the Crunch in New York? The AHL club has offered Humphries a spot on the team. From

“We would welcome Kris Humphries to Syracuse, where unlike Hollywood there are no paparazzi within hundreds of miles and he could reclaim his privacy and self-esteem,” said Syracuse Crunch General Manager Vance Lederman.

“Being from Minnesota, Humphries will surely enjoy the hockey and feel right at home in the cold, gray, dismal weather we experience this time of year in Central New York,” said Lederman.

This may be one of the most bizarre sports offers I have ever seen. Why is the AHL so interested in a huge forward from the NBA that played his college ball in Minnesota? Is it because it’s cold there? Do they just want to meet or hear about Kim Kardashian? Or is Syracuse just that starved for a little publicity? Either way, Humphries is jobless and pretty desperate right now.

Maggie Walters, the team’s director of communications and marketing on Puck Daddy Thursday: “We’re sure he’s a hockey fan. You have to be or they’d kick you out.”

Ouch. Humphries really has nowhere to go but up after the last few months in his life. It can’t get much worse.

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