Ohio State University Gets One-Year Bowl Ban from NCAA

By Jeff Shull

The NCAA finally ruled on the Ohio State scandal where eight athletes took as much as $14,000 in cash and tattoos in exchange for rings, jerseys, and memorabilia. The school will receive a one year bowl ban on top of reduced scholarships and three years probation.

Ohio State had offered a punishment of their own, which included vacating the 2010 season, bowl money, two years probation, and five fewer scholarships for the next three years.

The NCAA decided that was not enough, meaning Urban Meyer’s squad will not be eligible for a bowl in 2012, will be on probation until 2014, and will have three fewer scholarships each year until 2014.

Before the ruling, athletic director Gene Smith seemed to indicate he would be very unhappy with the decision if it included a bowl ban.

“I’ll be shocked and disappointed and on the offensive. It’ll be behavior you haven’t witnessed (from me).”

After the initial scandal it was revealed that some players had taken additional cash or had received excess pay on summer jobs from athletic booster Bobby DiGeronimo, who has since been removed of his booster status.

In addition, the NCAA handed former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, who is at the center of this scandal for not reporting the violations right away, a five year “show-cause” order which pretty much says he cannot coach for five years.

According to the report by ESPN, a school can hire Tressel during those five years but would have to show good reason for why they are hiring him and would be faced with serious punishment if they broke any rules.

Basically it is not going to happen—no school would risk it.


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