Video: Arizona State and Southern Miss Basketball Brawl

By Riley Schmitt!

It looks like the Xavier-Cincinnati brawl has set the tone for the rest of college basketball.  Monday night, Southern Miss traveled to Arizona State for a game.  Things were going fine until about the 33 second mark of the above video.  Tempers soon erupted and the fists were flying once again.

Southern Miss’s Torye Pelham shoved ASU’s Ruslan Pateev after a made basket, so Pateev responded with a punch to the back of the head.  The resulting scrum led to 3 ejections.

I’m not sure the reason for the explosion in fights recently, but I don’t like it.  It takes away from the game and has no place in basketball.  Just go about your business and don’t let bad plays get to you.  That’s much more manly than punching someone when they aren’t looking.

Thanks to SB Nation for providing video.

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