Is Kim Kardashian Interested in Dating Kobe Bryant?

By Riley Schmitt

I will admit, this isn’t the typical story that you will find on Rant Sports.  However, it does involve sports so it does belong.  As most of you know, Kim Kardashian was married to Nets power forward Kris Humphries for 72 days this summer.  Kobe Bryant is in the process of getting a divorce from his wife Vanessa, who has finally grown tired of Kobe’s supposed infidelities.  Rumor has it that Kardashian and Bryant be looking to date.

The Chicago Sun-Times has the rumor.  Apparently Kardashian is very interested in dating Bryant and rumor states that Kris Jenner was responsible for potentially ending the Bryant marriage.

The Lakers season is already getting off to a rocky start without having played one single game.  Adding the drama that a Kardashian brings certainly won’t help matters, especially if she’s dating the star of the team.  Sure, Khloe is married to Lamar Odom, but does Khloe bring one iota of the media circus that Kim does?  I don’t think so.

As of now, this is just a gossip page rumor but it could turn into something more.  LA is the city of stars and this very easily could be the newest power couple in sports.

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