2011 NFL Playoffs – Top Ten Surprises To Watch For

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  • Steven Resnick

    Sorry Robert the Saints aren’t going to upset the 49ers in Candlestick Park. The Saints were barely able to beat the 49ers last season and the 49ers are a far superior to that team was from a year ago. With no running game for the Saints, the 49ers are going to do what they do best, let Frank Gore do his thing and control the clock.

    Since the Saints aren’t going to beat the 49ers, the next slide should be the 49ers will knock off the Packers and again that has to do with the 49ers being able to run the football, the 49ers do no turn the ball over and they can control the clock to keep the ball out Aaron Rodgers’ hands.

    Which, would mean the 49ers win the Super Bowl and no the Patriots aren’t getting there either. Their defense is atrocious.

    • Robert D. Cobb


      Thanks for the feedback, but I have to respectuflly disagree. While you do bring up a valid point about the Saints barely beating the Niners last year, I will say that this saint’s team as a real SB feel to it as they have viable threats at all positions in TF, RB, WR and QB. SF’s defense is good, but their offense will not be able to keep up with Brees and Company.

      The 49ers are a very good team, but I’m not completely sold on them. And yes despite NE’s 32nd ranked defense, they have Brady, Welker and Gronk and the best offense, which will carry them through the AFC.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Lars Hanson

    Not a terrible list, but there’s a few problems. 1) Detroit is likely to play New Orleans in the first round, you have Detroit winning a playoff game but also have New Orleans winning it all. Unless you’re saying that Detroit gets Dallas/NYG which isn’t a guarantee right now. Second, Cincy beating Houston would not shock me one bit, it would actually surprise me to see Houston win a game in the playoffs.

    Saints will upset San Francisco I can see that but that means Detroit doesn’t win a game, which I don’t wanna see. So I’m hoping NYG/Dallas get Detroit. There’s a few good surprises in store tho.

    • Robert D. Cobb


      Thanks for reading and allow me the chance to clarify the “problems” on the list.

      1.)These are hypothetical match-ups based on current seedings. You are correct in the fact that I DO have DET playing NYG over the Cowboys becuase of Dallas’ bad Dec record and Romo’s legendary choking ability.

      2.) Moving on, New Orleans is the #3 seed and would host ATL and the #4 NYG/DAL would host wildcard #5 Detroit.

      To answer your questions. here is the current projected playoff bracket from NFL.com http://www.nfl.com/playoffs/playoff-picture?module=HP11_content_stream

      3.)I do agree with you completely on CIN beating Houston especially with Houston not having Johnson and Schaub.

      The reason why I have NO beating SF is because of the Saints ability to score points and SF’s inability to keep up, while SF can run the ball, if NO gets a big lead early, SF is not built to compete with the likes of NO or GB.

      Thanks again.

      P.S. good job on the Edwards piece.

      • Lars Hanson


        No problem always the pleasure. Yeah I wasn’t saying it was false I was just saying as of now it’s not set in stone but yeah the way it stands now you’re right and all likelihood that’s the way it will finish out. Thanks for the link.

        Yeah Houston has the D but not the offense and Cincy will put up enough to win. Oh yeah I see New Orleans beating San Francisco as well not because their offense is bad but Seattle showed they aren’t strong as people thought against the run. New Orleans has too much offense both passing and running that the 49ers can’t compete with.

        No problem and thanks.

  • Steven Resnick

    I will respectfully disagree with you. The Saints do not have a Super Bowl feel to them their play on the road has been nothing short of dreadful. Their three losses have come against the Packers okay that was their tough road test, yet lost to Tampa Bay and St. Louis.

    While barely beating on the road Carolina and Tennessee. The combined margin of victory eight points in those two wins. Not very impressive to say the least.

    Can’t see the Saints pulling out a victory in San Francisco. The 49ers have very few holes in their team except possibly their red zone offense. What the 49ers will do is wear down the Saints defense by controlling the clock.

    Yes, the Saints have a better offense than the 49ers, yet the 49ers will be the best defense that the team has faced and with their history of poor play outside of the Superdome, it will spell trouble for the Saints.