Philadelphia Wings to Put Twitter Handles on Players’ Jerseys

The Twitter craze is going to reach its breaking point eventually.  NBC Sports has a report stating that the Philly Wings of the National Lacrosse League will force their players to wear jerseys with their Twitter handles instead of their names.  The Twitter game will be against the Buffalo Bandits on February 12th.

They are not the first team to do this but they are the first US based team to do this.  The team is also requiring the players to have a Twitter account and use it regularly.  The Wings hope that this will increase fan interaction with the team.

My feeling on this is mixed.  Sure it’s a great way to have players interact with fans, but Twitter can be dangerous.  It takes no time for a Tweet sent in the heat of the moment to be broadcast all over the web.  Look at some of the Twitter controversies we have seen lately.  You can’t unsay things that you say on Twitter.

I am interested to see how this works out.  Maybe this helps the Wings achieve a new level of popularity and set a precedent for other teams.  Then again, it could also end horribly.  Everything is in play here.