Mike Milbury Calls the New York Rangers the Bluesh*ts on the Winter Classic Pregame

Mike Milbury just got back on air and what does he do he calls the New York Rangers the Bluesh*ts.

He says they aren’t the Blueshirts anymore more they are the Bluesh*ts.  I thought I was the only one to catch it but it was all over the internet in minutes.

As a Philadelphia Flyers fan I can’t agree with you more Mike, it should be interesting to see if he makes anymore interesting blunders today.

Seriously though Mike this is not the way to start the season on NBC especially when they are debuting the new sports network.

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  • MilburyTheTool

    I can’t fathom why this guy is on the air. Seriously, he was a lousey player and a worse coach. what he knows about hockey you could fit in a thimble. Opps – I hope he doesn’t come after me now – oh wait – I’m not a 15 year old. The only hockey announcer more undeserving than this guy is Barry Melrose. But at least he’s fun to laugh at because he makes so many dumb statements.

    • Johnny Machurek

      I have only ever agreed with him in two instances. 1.) When he was arguing head shots with Pierre……who yeah he is a moron as well and 2.) When he was complaining about the 1-4-1….but so was everyone. You also forgot a crappy GM lol.