Alex Rodriguez and Torrie Wilson Make Their Relationship Official

By Riley Schmitt

For those of you dying for celebrity gossip news, we have a bit of it for you.  Rumors having been flying about the relationship status of New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.  He’s been seen recently in the company of former WWE diva Torrie Wilson.  It looks like the new relationship is official as the two were spotted kissing at the Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets game Wednesday night.

This isn’t something we normally cover, but when you combine a MLB superstar with one of the hottest divas in WWE history, you get some story potential.  With the decreasing shelf life of relationships with athletes *cough* Kim Kardashian *cough*, it will be interesting to see how long this relationship will last.

Maybe Wilson will inspire A-Rod to new heights.  He’s seen a dip in his stats recently and a boost certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the story.

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