Green Bay Packers Linebacker Brad Jones Tackles Fan

By Michael Terrill

The Green Bay Packers had a thrilling victory over the Detroit Lions last Sunday but one of the most exciting things to happen wasn’t even a football play.

With a little under seven minutes left in the game, a male teenager decided to run on the field while the Packers were preparing to kick off. I was at the game on Sunday sitting behind the Packers bench and saw the fan jump out of the stands across the field from me. He ran past two police officers on his way onto the field with his hands in the air as he ran a half circle in between the 10 and 15 yard line. The fan had a huge smile on his face and it was clear he was enjoying every second of it as the Lambeau Field crowd roared in excitement. As he began to run past the Packers sideline Brad Jones came out of nowhere, picked him up and tackled him to the ground as about nine police officers and a Packers assistant dog-piled him.

As the fan was escorted off the field by two police officers, a huge smile was still visible on his face. When Jones was asked about the encounter after the game, he had an unusual response.

“Really, I was just cold,” he said.

Some players like to run in place or jump up and down to stay warm in between media timeouts but apparently Jones prefers to tackle fans running across the field. It was a good thing he did because the kid had some distance between him and the officers chasing him. The fan had to pay an $870 fine and is not allowed to return to Lambeau. I hope his 15 seconds of fame was worth it, what a price to pay.

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