Argentinians Are Dirty Soccer Players

Well you recently saw some pretty dirty play by a couple of high school basketball players in Washington state. Sadly it kind of pales in comparison to what happens in Argentinian professional soccer. Below is a video of the dirtiest tackles of 2011 in Argentina. Scroll ahead to the 1:40 mark to begin the fun.





If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, here are the best of the bunch:

2:08- I actually don’t think this is intentional, but there is nothing like a good kick to the face to take you out of the match.

2:34- An off-the-ball blow to the head….right next to the ref. Who didn’t see it or do anything.

2:45- Absolutely NO attempt to play the ball. A brutal blow straight across both legs. And then the reaction- THAT WAS NEVER A CARD REFEREE!

3:38- Probably the best of the bunch. A guy loses the ball in the box, so while his teammate dutifully clears the ball he gives the forward a nice kick in the shins. NOT IN MY HOUSE.

4:00- Nothing like a good old fashion fight. Except the keeper forgot to take off his gloves.

4:38- When your man beats you, nothing stops him quite like a hearty kick to the calf. Who needs to play the ball?

5:20- A nice kick to the jugular.

5:58- How about a nice shot to the crotchal region? Of course he is shocked he got a yellow card.

6:11- Seriously dude? And you’re complaining? Easily the most violent of the tackles.

And finally-

7:32- Not only a bad stomp from behind, but bitter for a foul being called (not to mention the straight red card), the guy goes and kicks the guy again while he is on the ground.


Pure class Argentina. Pure class.