The 15 Greatest Upsets in NFL Playoff History

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  • Thomas

    I wouldn’t even put the Patriots-Giants game in the top fifteen. The Patriots could have realistically lost their last four games and the Giant won their last nine games on the road. When the two teams played at the end of the season the Patriots won the game on the last drive but the Giants were clearly the better team. I bet a lot of money on the Giants and I remember Bradshaw commentating before the game how the Giants should win. I would rank the Patriots-Rams game as the biggest upset. Calling the Giants win an upset is an insult to a clearly better team.

    • Riley Schmitt

      You have go to be kidding me. Stopping a team that would’ve made NFL history is not an upset? Joke.

  • Matt w

    Was shut up Drew Brees really necessary to say, pretty bias and unprofessional if you ask me.

  • Bryan Lutz

    It was a quote from the video I was referring to. I’ll put it in quotes to avoid confusion.

  • chris edwards

    New England over Dan Marino led Miami in the 1985 AFC Championship. The Patriots had a 20 year Orange Bowl/Miami jinx going into that game I believe. They also were a wild card.