Anquan Boldin Screwed Out Of $229,000 Dollars By Former Agent

By Riley Schmitt

Just days before the Baltimore Ravens are set to take on the Houston Texans in the AFC Divisional Round, star Ravens wideout Anquan Boldin is desperately trying to reclaim money that his former agent borrowed without paying.  Boldin brought a lawsuit against former agent Darrell Eugene Wills after Willis borrowed $170,000 from Boldin to start a sports management agency.

Wills has still not paid Boldin back and it sounds like Boldin will not be able to get his money back.  A bankruptcy judge said that Wills is in such a financial mess that he will not be able to repay Boldin.

Bad news for Boldin.  This is example one of how athletes can lose their fortune quickly.  Advisors making bad decisions can drain an athlete’s funds and Boldin was caught up in the mess.

Thanks to TMZ for the story.

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