Charles Barkley Calls Tim Tebow “A National Nightmare”

Charles Barkley must really dislike Tim Tebow.  The renowned basketball announcer was interviewed on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia where he was asked about Tebow leading the Broncos to a playoff victory.  Here is what he said.

On Tim Tebow leading the Broncos to another win:
“The national nightmare continues. Hey listen I like Tim Tebow but there comes a point, he had a great game. He’s supposed to have a great game. They want to make it seem like oh the world is aligned correct. I’m like he does play quarterback. He is supposed to play well. (Host: So you’ve had enough of Tebow?) I think the world has. (Host: There’s a lot of Tebow fans out there. I’ve had enough and I’m not a big Tebow guy and they’re just killing me about Tebow.) First of all Mike I don’t know anything you said about Tebow but let’s just say the jury is still out on Tebow. He seems like a nice kid but these ups and downs are so different. The jury is still out on Tebow. Just because he had a great game and made four or five great throws yesterday doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a great starting quarterback in the NFL.”

This isn’t the first time Barkley has criticized Tebow and it probably won’t be the last.  As long as Tebow keeps winning, he’s going to be in the news.  Barkley doesn’t like it, but he can’t do anything about it.  I’m not a Tebow fan by any stretch, but right now it’s good for the NFL.  Maybe other fans should realize this by now.

Thanks to Deadspin for the story.

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  • http://none harleyboy

    Charles Barkley does have any class whatsoever! Charles Barkley is not, and never will be, in the “same league” as Tim Tebow! Tim Tebow is a CLASS ACT. Charles Barkley is just an ‘act’!

    • irshrnone

      I lived in Phoenix when the Blowhard was there. He is a has been that never learned to just shut up. Always wanting the attention, Charles, go back to eating, at least your mouth was shut!

      • OSN

        Shut up you crybabys thats why Tebow will never being a superbowl to denver or the Nuggets

        • mike

          OSN what the hell are you talking about.Never being a superbowl to denver?????????????????????????? or the nuggets??????????????????????????????

          • kst

            Moron, are your drunk? Being (Try Bring/idiot!)a Super Bowl to Denver or the Nuggets? What are you talking about? Have another drink and don’t share your garbage that makes no sense!

            Tim Tebow is a class act and not ashamed to express his true bible based beliefs. In a world surrounded by blow hards like Barkley it’s a refreshing change!

        • 206needsnba

          osn_ no one will ever being a superbowl to any city or to a team that dont play football. U better shut it or tebow will get yeah

        • http://none joe Milinjohn

          Barkley wanted Turner Gill a black coach to get the job at Auburn and screamed when Gene Chiz got the job he screamed racism. Auburn wins Nat’l Championship Kansas where Gill went was a total failure Barkley is dumb as a box aof rocks.

      • William

        Barkley is just another black racist and hates God or anyone who doesn’t…

        • Tom

          Barkley is a big piece of shit of a human being. He will be going straight to hell when his life expires….really he will. If more people were like Tim Tebow the world would be a better place.

          • http://TheBackyard Grego

            Wow! I must not know how to read. It looked to me like Barkley said “The national nightmare continues.” That’s a common, sarcastic phrase. The headline ascribed it specifically to Tebow. Also, I seemed to have missed the part where Charles said anything about Tebow’s race. I’ll look again… Nope, nothing there. Finally, he didn’t say anything that Tebow’s coach, GM and virtually every commentator in football hasn’t already said about the guy. Hey, maybe I CAN read and it “Tom” who needs some practice. Lastly, people who curse other people and say they are going straight to hell, might want to consider what they just said to be the perfect definition of hypocrisy.

          • Landon

            You mean the great Tebow who praises God and love and all that yet still decides to support and be a spokesperson for one of the most renowned hate groups in America? Yea if more people were huge hypocrites like Tebow…oh wait more people are like him.

            The only reason people like this nit is because the media shoves him down our throat. They can’t think for themselves so they decide who to like by what the media tells them to like.

          • Sean

            I am just sick of Tebow because of people like Tom. How would you know that the world will be a better place with more people like Tebow? Are you with him 24/7? Do you know everything he does in his life? If you don’t know, then shut up. I am a Christian also but it doesn’t make him a saint just because he prays after every play.

          • Speechless

            Thought you hit the nail on the head…and when I read this article it seemed to me the host said he “had enought”: quote “Host: There’s a lot of Tebow fans out there. I’ve had enough and I’m not a big Tebow guy and they’re just killing me about Tebow”…yep! And as I recall he married a white women…and he’s racist?? For the record…minorities can’t be defined as racist…they can be discriminatory.

          • Julia

            AGREE!!! Barkley is just upset that he doesn’t get any attention any more… and besides, God IS GREAT and those who believe in him will go places and do great things… hence Tebow’s miraculous come backs and continuing to grow talent!!!

        • dick kennison

          Charles Barkley is a racist blowhard,not even worthy of being in the same conversation as Tim Tebow.I just have to ask why that asshole is even being paid any attention.He is just a few shots from being employed at a car wash!

          • TC

            Tebow does not belong to an atheist group.

    • Hasan

      Charles Barkley is entitled to his opinion about tim tebow just as you are, I, like Charles, have grown tired of the tebow hype. I do not know Charles personally, and i would think that you do not either., but Charles Barkley is a member of the NBA HALL OF FAME. Says a lot about his skills. tim has a long ways to go if he is to be inducted into the NFL HALL OF FAME. AT least Charles Barkley is sombody, who are you?

      • http://msn Mike

        If Tebow was black, I don’t think barkley would have a problem.

        • dale

          if tebo2w was black he would have been benched a long time ago thats just fact look at history cant be denied its fact if a black QB played that horrible for 3/4 of the game he is benched or released just a fact

          • Bo

            Barkley is a lot of thing, but racist isn’t one of them. Check his history. If he doesn’t agree with something or somebody, he doesn’t care what color they are, he’ll rip em. Same if he agrees, he’ll praise em. just sayin

          • http://thebackyard rick

            If Tebow was black he would probably be able to throw the ball! If the Denver OL and defence played the first part of the year like they have been Orton would still be Qb and Tebow would still be on the bench and no body would have to listen to or read about all this Tebow crap.

          • http://rantsports greek

            isnt this the same guy who couldnt shoot free throws for shit..all he was was a big black man throwing bodies around…and just hes married to a white woman doesnt meen hes not racist,,just meens he thinks his own race is too ugly to sleep with

          • http://MSN Sal

            blah, blah, blah and your black/white issues. Will you please drop the race card rant. That is as old and tired as this Barkley/Tebow story. Please, get over your race issues and go earn a living, pay taxes and help Obama spend another 2 trillion dollars.

      • Mike

        If Tebow was black I wonder if barkley or hasan would have a problem with him.

        • http://thebackyard adam

          I am a printer for a book component company and everytime the broncos win with tebow under center we print another 60,000 book covers! GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!! In this economic mess, I hope they keep winning!

        • skeen

          If Tebow was black, he wouldn’t receive a quarter of the attention that he does.

          • mannco

            If Tebow was black and without his strong religious faith, he wouldn’t receive the attention from Barkley or others[media/SNL/fans].

      • j100

        Barkley maybe entitled to spew his opinion but we are entitled to review that opinion and hold him to account for his opinion. We are also entitled to make judgements about barkley that are based upon his opinion. It doesn’t matter that you don’t agree with this. capish?

        • Headly

          What is “Capish?” The word you are looking for is capice.

          • zoomp

            After a statement you would assert “Hai Capito” which means ” have you understood”… In italy it’s used as opposed to the present tense used in america …..o big deal … just sayin.

        • YeaThatGuy

          And it is “may be” not “maybe”. If you are going to judge other people, you should be prepared for others to judge you…based on your atrocious grammar.

      • Mike Sucacin

        Charles Barkley is a basketball player not a football player and therefore really has no right speaking about the skills of a player from another sport. He should stick to basketball where he has knowledge and leave football to those who know football. All Charles Barkley is a glorified armchair quarterback who has nothing better to do than complain about a average quarterback who is having a great year. Instead of congratulating Tebow on the year he’s having, he instead wants to compalin about all the hype he’s getting.

        If i recall in the NBA, he was all about the hype and you couldnt shut his mouth. Charles your glory days are over. If you want to spout intelligence do it in the realm of sports in which you dominated.

        • Har

          So when exactly did YOU play in the NFL, Mr. People Who Know Football?

          • jackman

            Charles Barkley was over-hyped, over estimated ball basketball player. Mario was far better than him. Consider this. Barkley does not have a championship ring for all the hoopla and hype he recieved. Robert Horry has a lot more than him. Why would anyone listen to an underperforming loudmouth is beyond me?

      • Alex

        Yes Charles has made a name for himself thru the years, so why don’t we let time show us if Tebow can become a great QB. Or just let him enjoy the moment.

      • greg

        I guess just the fact that tebow tries to show young people that you just dont give up ,keep up the hard work…. is wrong to few of you so lets praise mr.Barkley maybe tebow should drive around phoenix frunk looking for hookers while his wife is at home …maybe then charles would have more in common with him

    • Jeff

      Could Barkley’s jealous comment be racist? Hmmmmm…… If Tebow were black he would only have good things to say. Period. It’s tough for Charley to accept a white athlete getting so much attention. Actually, it’s tough for Charley to deal with anyone getting attention other than himself.

      • Knuckz

        Not racist, just plain dumb. As you correctly pointed out, Barkley hates anyone who gets more attention than he does. Disagree with you on the part where you said he speaks only good thing about black athletes. He hates Lebron because LeBron might be able to get a championship ring. He has always been an ass and people humor him by letting him show it.

    • Dan Geary

      Barkley, is an A-Hole, Had to listen to all his crap in Philadelphia
      a now we have read it on the internet. GO AWAY BARKLY

    • David

      Hey Charles shut up !!! You are a loser…trying to give cheating tiger woods advise…All u guys stick together… Troublesome people stick together

      You are a raceist

    • DavidLH

      Charles Barkley is the real nightmare.

    • Wheel

      Charles Barkley the Nations Idiot, unbelievable he gets paid to talk.

    • http://TheBackyard mrpaul

      Charles Barkley gets far more press then deserved. He is far too arrogant and in love with himself. Ask a million fans if they really care what Barkley has to say! He is a FORMER good player. That’s all. His opinions should not make the news media everyday. I personally cannot stand listening to his banter on sports highlights. Go away Barkley and develop some class, which is what you lack. A man thanking God for his athletic ability is not something to be laughed at, but respected.

    • bridog

      I don’t know if Barkley is a great guy or not. He apparently has the knowledge to sit at a table with great football players and walk the walk, so to Barkley, No Comment.

      To Tebow, The guys only fault is he is left-handed, in any other sport this is just a mere inconvienence, in football for a quarterback it is everything, the stong and week side O-line have to be switched, the recievers have to get used to the ball spinning an entirely different direction rolling into their basket at a different angle and spin. The reciever routes have to be switched to coincide with Tebow’s strong side. This in my opinion is the only reason Tebow will never be a franchise quarterback. I am sure if Denver wants to retain him they are going to be scouting recievers from colleges with left-handed quarterbacks, and a back up left-handed quarterback if Tebow is injured? Sounds like a gamble to me.

      Tebow’s the king on comebacks because his recievers take the first half to acclimate to him.

    • alex

      this tebow guy has had some good and some mediocre games, I do not think he’s done enough to deserve any superb status

    • Charles Sux

      only Charles Barkley, the Damned devil himself, can say some dumbass self-centered crap an still think he’s a “KING”. why dont you quit wipping your ass with 1s and 5s and relize your all washed up. like a damned wet old dog sitting in the rain.

    • NolaRising

      Neither I nor anyone I know here in New Orleans is tired of Tebow. However, we are very tired of criminals and general thugs who just happen to have some athletic ability and who give professional sports a bad rep.


      THANK YOU, THANK YOU “Sir” Charles. We sports fans have put up with T-Bow thru college at Florida, winning the Heisman, and now this. I am sure T-Bow is a class act. But there are alot more acts out there just as classy. Give us a break. T-Bow is doing nothing other than what he is paid to do… and he isn’t all that special doing that!

    • dave

      Tim tebow is great guy and christian, but what barkley said is right tebow doesnt have much talent and He wont have a long career and yes barkley was much more talented at his sport than tebow will be

    • Jim Murray

      Barkley has behaved like a bigoted, opinionated loose canon for years. Carefull7y nthought out bremarks are carefully avoided by him.

    • poopscoop


      Bill Cosby – Regular guy

      Charles Barkley – white hating bigot

    • Melvin

      Let’s just call Barkley an IDIOT because that‘s his job. But, if I said that “The National Night Mare Continues” about Barkley’s Obama I would be called a RACIST. Where’s the justice.

    • kent krogman

      charles barkley should stick to basketball. he’s a loudmouth know-it-all who doesn’t have the slightest idea of what pro football is all about.

    • Jeffery Johnson

      Get Over It Charlie!

    • JC

      All of you are missing the big picture. Tebow came in week 7 (they had a bye in week 6) and won a game for Denver, one of the biggest NFL cities in the country for fan support. At that point they were 1 and 4!!!! He lost in week 8. He went on to win the next 6 games in a row. Doesn’t matter how he won them. (Remember…John Elway has the MOST 4th quarter comebacks to win a game than any other NFL QB.) He’s sideline praying of course is going to be bring additional attention. But he deserves the attention for winning in a city that was used to winning for nearly two decades with Elway. Tebow became the cities hope again. That’s it. Period. Tim should be an inspiration to anyone that envisions a better world. He started the Tim Tebow Foundation WHILE HE WAS STILL IN COLLEGE!!!!!!!! How many of you critics have done anything in your life to make the world a better place!!!??? And Charles….well he never won a title and had always been a loud mouth. And he’s getting exactly what he wants from his remarks…..more attention. Yes he is an asshole because he talks way too much for his own benefit. Leave the kid alone….he deserves everything he is getting.

  • http://thebackyard John Fuss

    I f I ever hear another word out of charles barkley it will be too soon period

  • jaybo

    Charles Barkley isn’t near the person Tim Tebow is. If Charles wants to see a national nightmare, go to the White House.


      What do you mean go to the white house ? U know where you can go-but youre probably already there !

      • jimmy

        Oh Really

        • Ed B

          To your surprise everyone does not love the annointed one who occupies the White House. Chales Barkley loves to bash christians, if you haven’t notice.

    • tc

      Here, I’ll say it “OBAMA IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY”!!! Can you say 15 trillion in debt?

      • AC

        Can you see the Bush administration got us here? And Obama was given less than 4 years to clean up a mess that was over a decade in the making?

        I think we’ve already seen the worst President in history. From 2000 to 2008.

        • mike davis

          Oh AC…wow what a moron…Obama is cleaning it up? Anyone with half a brain knows Obama has taken this country to a worst place then Bush did. Look I couldnt stand Bush either but Obama is making Carter look good…wow thats bad!!! Look ..OK I voted for Obama and I ask myself why?..he has no Idea what the hell he’s doing. I want him out before we reach a place of no return…maybe its to late



  • manny

    charles b is full of it.he could never be as famous as tim tebow thats why he don’t like him not even if he was to get another life time.

    • JC

      Barkley isn’t as famous as Tebow? How old are you? Barkley was a great NBA player and is an NBA legend. Tebow has no track-record to go on yet. I get it that a lot of Christians are excited to have a nice young man of their faith to look up to. That doesn’t change the fact that Barkley had many years of fame and success as a player in the NBA. If Tebow can put together similar success in the NFL for 8 to 10 years, then he will be at the level of Charles (as a professional baller).

      • http://msn Diane

        Who knows! Tim could achieve even greater success than Charles Barkley- when he’s as OLD as Barkley. It’s refreshing to read about an athlete that hasn’t shot anyone, attempted to shoot anyone, running dog fights, arrested for beating their spouse, attacking women, arrested for drugs, and the list goes on and on. For all you non-believers, Tebow threw for 316 yards in his game on Sunday, and broke the NFL record for shortest time ever played in an overtime game. Do you have any idea what John 3:16 says in the Bible? If not look it up.

  • John E, Fitzgerald

    Charles Barkley has always been an ego too large for his head. He is definitely stupid. Why he is on the various sports shows is bayond comprehension. Tim Tebow does what he does. If he wishes to kneel and thank
    God for his talents, who is he hurting? The United States has been declining
    morally since the 1960′s and if anyone wishes to express their religious beliefs or simpoblyze those beliets in a public way, then I say “God be with them.” Charles I stopped following the 76ers when you spat on that child in the stands. That’s what I consider the lowest act you could have done.

    • Alan

      Absolutely! That inflated scum should have been tossed out of the league then and there. What he’s missing entirely is that the Tebow thing has been created by the media. Yes, he has done some exceptional things and his abilities are unique. But it isn’t Tim Tebow running to the media – it is the media chasing him. And Charles, sadly, is a member of the media! Maybe he doesn’t understand that. I know he is a subpar, classless, commentator. But, I’m not giving away any big secrets there.

    • Olexa

      Who really care what barkley has to say. He may have been a big basketball player but if you watch him try to swing at a golfball you can see he has very little athletic ability

  • stormyweather

    Hey, Barkley, did you EVER win a championship? NO you didnt, because you were a me-first selfish LOSER. Just because you dont like Tebows religious outlook doesnt give you a right to throw stones. Just like you flip-flop from being a Republican to being a Democrat just so TNT would hire you. Your a phony, Barkley.

  • Steven Resnick

    Charles Barkley is absolutely correct. If Tebow was even an average quarterback that game doesn’t even go to overtime, he had a chance to seal the game and he failed to do so.

    It’s sad a 60-70 percent Ben Roethlisberger is still better than a 100 percent Tim Tebow. Barkley is right Tebow has a long way to go before he even becomes close to being a full time starter in the NFL.

    • Hasan

      Charles Barkley has a right to his opinion about tim tebow just as you do, I, like Charles have grown tired of the tebow hype, I do not know Charles or tim personally, and i would bet you do not either. But Charles Barkley is a membere of the NBA HALL OF FAME. This says a lot about his skills as a player. tim has a long ways to go if he is to be inducted into the NFL HALL OF FAME, this will say a lot about his skills as a player. At least Charles Barkley is sombody, who are you?

      • bronco’sdiehard

        Tim Tebow as a rookie, which he still is as he has only started 15 games in his career, has already entered his name into more NFL records then Barkley did in his whole career with the NBA. Barkley was a punk thug in the NBA with a large mouth and he is the same loud mouth he was then. Problem is, he is a has been with no football knowledge, but with the size of his ego, he has to continue to spew hate and ignorance, so that his head doesn’t explode. Does he really think that there is anyone of intelligence who cares what he has to say. GIVE ME A BREAK. Charles Barkley’s comments about football is as stupid as the GOP’s trickle down economics, and you know what, neither he nor the GOP know good from bad.

      • Bill

        It’s OK to beat some one face in and kick him while he’s down on the basket ball court it’s OK for Charles Barkley a basketball player to spat on a child in the stands. but it’s not OK to pray in to pray in Jesus name the way Tim Tebow doe’s that’s how stupid these religious hate mongers are.what’s happen to our Freedom of speech.I can tell you who Charles Barkley is he’s a loser

    • Kevin C

      Charles is soooo wrong. When he was playing basketball we didn’t get tired of him when they constantly mentioned him in the news while he was doing good. Tim Tebow is a young quarterback that the MEDIA is hyping. If he was to blow them off then he would be criticized for that. If the man loves God who are we to say negative things about him. A true Christian would understand. He gives God the credit. Leave Tim alone, he is doing nothing wrong. He’s playing the game if he wins then he wins, if he loses then he loses. Look how they are talking about Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, have we got tired of hearing thast?? NO! Its because they are veterans and Tim is new to the scene. back off and let the man work and lets see what happens. Win or lose I support Tim Teboe 100%!!!!

    • agematters316

      There are two things that make me hit the remote: Barkley on anything and erecectile dysfunction. Barkely can spoil any show he happens to be on. What is this guy’s attraction? When you remember the greats on the court, how often do you think of over-bloated Barkley? Tebow? … given I’m a re-born Bronco’s fan, is made for TV. Enjoy it. Accept it for what it is. Love it while it’s here.

    • arkbear

      Barkley is nothing more than a fat man who is racist.He never won a championship any place he played.I remember him spitting on fans while playing.He is a joke when it comes to class or knowledge.

    • alex

      Well its just sad that you guys only criticize tebow. He won so you and charles ( who was an average basketball player in his time) should be quit.No one likes a spoiler, plus he is better than alot of qbs in the league. Like mark sanchez, matt cassel, matt hassleback, blaine gabbert, etc. He has no tight end two good receivers only. He has less weapons then Ben does so give him a break. He wins games, big ones and the more he does it the less right you have to talk. So to sum it all up stop talking junk about tebow. stop hating on a winner.

      • joe

        I agree with what u r saying,however, the part about Sir Charles being an avg player during his time is not true, he lead the league in rebounds/and or near the top in his prime, avg mid 20s in pts during his prime, played good D in his prime, average players do not do this, I understand and agree that what he said was over the top about Tebow but Sir Charles was an all-star in his prime. He’s an a-hole,but of course. But wasnt an avg player. And oh what weapons does Ben have?

    • Live Shrimp

      Look Steven, Tebow had no training camps… very little pre-season… he had to come in on the fly and perform… He is a young quarterback in a new system! I think the guy did great.

      And by the way, Barkley IS an idiot. He knows NOTHING about football. It bothers me to no end to even see him get any air-time.

      He is wrong about Tebow. Want another example? Look how wrong he has been about the Saints the last three years! Barkley hates them, too. Good call, Barkley…

    • heyyou

      Hey a$$wipe , your rapist LOST the game to the lousy quaterback , ha ha ha ha ha , its about WINNING games , not percentages , you moron .

    • http://None ‘Honey Do’

      Steven; I like Tim T, but whether we like him or not has absolutely nothing to do with what kind of football player he is. I would he not have so much distraction around him & bet he and mom does also. he did not get many chances to play or show what he was capable of doing last year and for several games this year; so when the coach begin to let him take some snaps he improved a lot this year over last. It does not matter to whom he gives credit for the success’s; He feels God helps him “Then He Does”; that is “The Mind Over Matter” that seems to add much more to our ‘Physic’ than any of the things said about him. So lets fans and public “Cut Out” with the jabbering, trash talking about Tim and just let him “Play Ball”, if he is just having a few good games it will show up in good time; so leave him alone and let the Coaches see about his playing. I almost guarantee you, “It Will All Come Clean Wash-Day”.. We just might see some of it this week-end when he and “Tom Brady with The Patriots” take hold of ‘Tim & The Broncos’ tangle. It will be “TIM against TOM.. It just might start coming clean with that game; but “Lets Goooo Bronc’ssss..

    • Red Rocks Rockin

      “If Tebow was even an average quarterback that game doesn’t even go to overtime, he had a chance to seal the game and he failed to do so.”

      Ben Roethlisberger had a chance to seal the game and he failed to do so–or maybe you missed the part of the game where he got sacked twice on the last drive.

      “It’s sad a 60-70 percent Ben Roethlisberger is still better than a 100 percent Tim Tebow.”

      Roethlisberger had a completion percentage barely over .500 and more turnovers, so your claim doesn’t even stack up on the evidence.

      “Barkley is right Tebow has a long way to go before he even becomes close to being a full time starter in the NFL.”

      Tebow’s been a full-time starter in the NFL since week 6, took over a team that wasn’t even supposed to be in contention this year and was already in a death spiral after five games, and in his first playoff game helped beat a Steelers team that was favored by more than a touchdown. I understand that Tebow brings out all your inferiority complexes, but at least try and keep things in perspective.

      • Headly

        And which of Tim’s 10 COMPLETIONS(?!) did you like best? Through no fault of his own he is being pushed in front of the media. No one can honestly tell me that this guy looks like a starting NFL QB. Seems like a good guy, wears his faith on his sleeve, but just not a polished QB in any sense.

        • Mike

          I preferred his tenth completion, the 80 yard td that knocked those Steelers butss out of the playoffs.He is not a polished qb, he basically a rookie, 3 years we will see, I know this, he is a winner
          Which completion did u like best? lol
          Go Tebow!!
          Go Broncos!!

    • Johamr

      Hey Steven, 60-70 percent Ben is sitting on his butt at home…take that…

    • mike

      better hmmmmm, big fat ben is home, and the tebow train keeps rollin!!!!

    • mike

      better? big fat ben gonna be home watching tebow in the 2nd round playoff game. Tebow just keeps gettin better and better and u tebow haters cant handle it lmao

      • http://thebackyard rick

        better at what? Not throwing the ball thats for sure!


    charles barkley is a fake with big mouth

  • Jonathan Hilton

    Charles is Just being Charles !!! Sometimes it just reflects poorly On Charles!

  • yammyyan

    Barkley is and will always be a national nightmare! Especially when his slurred speach prohibits him from speaking English correctly. Don’t worry, he’s just trying to paint his own title onto someone else. It’s only a matter of time when you will hear that Barkley has been arrested, again. Wait and see.

  • BW

    Barkley is just wanting to be in the spotlight and can’t get there unless he says something like this. He will never be anything more than he was, an over-rated b-ball player with a big mouth. He will never be anything other than a fat man with a big mouth. Sure he doesn’t like Tebow, because he can’t relate to a decent person. Barkley is a egomaniac who can’t stand a guy who doesn’t drink, gamble, and screw around with tramps. I think the media has made too much of Tebow, but that’s what the media does. I’d rather hear about Tebow than the likes of Britney, Lindsay, or Paris. At least he’s a person of character instead of glorified spoiled little rich girls. Betcha that Chuck gains a hundred pounds back the minute his Weight Watchers deal expires. He must need the money pretty bad to support his wonderful life style.

  • THOM


    • Rob O’Keefe

      Nothing like a nothing topic to bring out all the caveman types. Especially those who can’t put together one coherent sentence, but want to call Barkley an idiot. Yes, I’m writing about you, THOM. Mr. I’m Too Dumb To FRigure Out How To Turn Off the Caps…”YOURE,” “CRALL,” “GUYS,” etc… For all of you who called Barkley an overrated player, is that why he’s in the HOF now?

      Nothing against Tebow at all, but he’s still an extremely poor QB and he proives it every game. One passable game, and that’s all it was, and the would-be discriminated against (Haha, not…!) crybabies are out in force on how Christians are in such sad shape these days… laughable, at best…

      • meare1

        Yes it is true, Charles Barkley already beat Tim to the title of National Nightmare!!

        What a LOSER PUNK!!

        Go TIM !!!! Jesus LIVES!!!!!!!!

  • Rick-841614

    Tebow at his worst game at quarterback, is a thousand times better than that Charles guy at his best golf game…’nuf said!

    • http://thebackyard rick

      Charles’s golf swing and Tebow’s throwing. whats the difference they both suck!!!

  • Abigail Brown

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. Barkley is a has been who gets no media attetion so he’s crying about Tebow. Boo hooo, do you need a tampon Charles?


    Let’s face it. Did Tim Tebow ask for all the media frenzy? Don’t embarass yourself with an answer other than of course not. He just wants to play the game. He didn’t ask for the microscope blowing both wins and losses entirely out of proportion ………….They will ride an athlete up………….. and they will ride him down………kind of like the sleazy snake in “The Natural”. In the end athletes are just career fodder for an industry that makes a living “talking” about what other people are doing…..and Barkley?………….how many times has he embarrassed himself in the most inarticulate manner? :o

  • rob585

    Barkley is an ASSHOLE.

  • David

    I am not particularly religious and could do with a little less of Tebow’s religious posturing, but he is sincere and appears to be a geniune good guy. And in an era where certain NFL quarterbacks have killed dogs and serially abused women, and are still playing the game, I find Tebow refreshing — and a great example for a recently tarnished league. Go Tim, and ride this wave as long and far as you can!!!!!!

    • jerryj

      right on with your comments. It’s rfreshing to see this young bring back memories of John Elway. Even if Denver loses this weekend he is a winner in my book. He has a great future ahead of him. As far as big mouth Charles B he is what he is a overpay sports voice. I gave up on basketball a long time ago after seeing what players were being brought in. No wonder why fans have stopped going and watcing the games. It suely would not be missed if they ever went belly up. They culd hire out as beer sellers at NFL games.

  • dALE

    Get off it the NFL is the best in the world to even play at this level is hard, love him or hate hime he is a winner. He is not the greatest nor does he throw the prettiest balls but he beat the Steelers and he has a tone of heart, all he is doing is making the best of his oppertunities, cant hate him for that.

  • Bill, Bloominton IL

    Have to disagree. If Marion Barber of the Bears had an IQ above 10, we would not be hearing about Tebow at all.

  • alleycat

    Who is Charles Barkley, an old dude that was so fat he took up the paint in the nba, why is he relevant? Who cares what he says. How many nba championships did he lead his team to? What does he know about winning?

  • Dominic

    Charles is nothing but a big mouth. He’s like the rest of the thugs and criminals in pro sports. HEY CHARLES, SHUT YOUR F@$%&NG MOUTH!

  • Casey

    Not a better quarterback and just average, really???? I should be ashamed to call myself a Broncos fan because I thought winning was all that mattered and that those who lost went home. Shame on me.

    When a “great” quarterback has a poor performance but still wins a game, we still admire them. Yet, when we have someone who continues to find ways to win, ugly or not we find comfort enough comfort to criticize, really?

    As for Tebow having the chance to seal the game and failed… Ben had the chance to win and failed. It goes both ways my friend. The Steelers were out coached and Ben did not play to his potential, Tebow did and won.

    The team won, that’s all that matters. It’s the score at the end of the game that matters, nothing else.

    Finally, a 60-70% Roethisnberger better? That’s not what the scoreboard showed.

    “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?”
    ― Vince Lombardi

  • Liz Jorgensen

    I am so tired of all the Tebow hype!!! Why does no one give credit to the receivers or the defense. This is NOT a one man show!

    • mhewitt


      No offense but I have not heard Tim Tebow once take credit for winning any of these games, he credits the coaches, line, defense and Wr’s every game. The hype is from the Media.As for Barkely he gets paid to make comments like this so I have no real issue with it he is entitled to his opinion. My opinion of him is that in many ways he was the opposite of Tebow as a player. Charles to me was selfish, out for himself, not a team player not really a winner and an amazing talent who deservedly made it to the HOF based on his stats. We all know right now Tebow does not have the best stats or throwing motion but football is a tema sport and as Parcells said you are what your record is! I think Bobby Knight got it right whne he excluded Charles Barkely from the first dream team.

  • billygo

    If Tebow was black…………..?

  • E. Brown

    I am so tired of mostly white people who want to make Tebow their great white hope and his religions personally I do not care how about his religions you all act like he is the only one love the Lord. We as black love the Lord I remember Reggie White and he talk about his believe people turn on him oh I forgot he(was black)

    • ivania

      Amen to that!!!

    • K. Campbell

      People turned on Reggie White because he was all too willing to make it public that he was a homophobic religious zealot. Tebow probably is as well…but he’s not made it public yet. Nice trying to play the race card though!

  • wayne

    He is a fat washed up racist and needs to shut up. He was on Saturday Night Live and was a dud. And they had to run a bit about white guys. They only do that when he is on there.Hey Barkley…shut up and go away. Maybe Tebow will end up much bigger than you. Live with it!

  • PkD

    Isn’t Barkley that guy that said Auburn was racist for hiring white Gene Chizik instead of black Turner Gill? Well, Chizik led Auburn to a National Title and Gill got fired. I guess Barkley isn’t that good a judge of talent.

  • http://msn alex94

    barkley likes attention when he played b.b he was the biggest cry baby he is not a hall of famer he needs to go home a sit on rocking chair and just eat so more twinkes tebow needs to be invited to the white house so he can get the politicans to work together for the better of the nation this nation needs to tebow so we can focus positve not negative

  • http://msn mike

    Tebow has a Heisman trphy and 2 National Championships. He is definitely in the conversation of the all time great QBs. How many national championships does Barkley have? How many NBA titles? Never seen someone need the spotlight as bad as Charles needs it. Maybe Brett Favre comes close. Charles even tried to ride Hakeem and Clydes’s coattail to get a ring and still could not get it done. The only “national nightmare” is that everyone puts up with Barkley’s perpetual “look at me” nonsense and makes excuses for his racist garbage. Go away already.

  • larry

    chaws bawlkrey is a national nightmare

  • Pud Overkill

    Yo sports fans. Tebow didn’t seek all the press he is getting. He is a young man who has an intense desire to win. He apparently also has a deep Christian commitment to his Lord. Why all the hullabaloo about him kneeling after a game, etc.? For years I have been watching great baseball players (Pujols for example) point their fingers, hands to the sky after a hit, good play, etc.
    Why doesn’t the ‘press’ go after that ‘display’ in the same manner they do after Tim. Just asking.

  • toomers corner

    we couldnt stand barkely when he was at auburn. thank goodness he finally flunked out and left. we hope he never returns.his wife must be an idiot for staying with him.he and mj. had teen girl friends after all the baron baseball games. everyone knew it.hope he rots in arizona

  • Davd

    I always here comments about Tim Tebow, How can you become tired of hearing good things about someone. It seemed like Tiger Woods saturated the airways and he has always been of questionable character and He dominated the air ways more after the scandal.If we don’t like Tim Tebow then don’t watch or maybe look in the mirror and ask the tough question why be against a good guy that your kids can copy his professional and personal life.

  • rex daubenberger

    I feel bad for Tim Tebow. If he is a “national nightmare” it is only because the media has made him the nighmare; Tim hasn’t. I doubt if Tim really cares how much attendtion he gets, but the media certainly gives him a lot of it.

  • joe packer

    Charles I am very sure Tim will never spit on a fan like you did to my hometown fan back in your days with the 76ers.I thought I liked you nowadays for giving your take on NBA ballers after forgiving you for being just young and dumb when you disgraced yourself and the game that night in Portland.Now I ? your thinking??? This Tebow kid is just giving all he has ,good or bad when balling but he is giving it all he has and isn’t this what we want as fans ? Winning seems to come with Tim too.I have this feeling he will be wearing a championship ring before he’s done.Charles I don’t remember ever seeing one on your hand.

  • http://rantsports Barkleynonfan

    Barkley will not be Barkley with out putting his foot in his mouth. Think before you talk dude. Tim Tebow go prove this idiots wrong and everytime you win thank God as you do. Keep kicking ass and get your jersey the number one jersey every American wants. I believe you will be a great player and some players out there are jealous. Go Tebow.

  • Duke

    Barkley lost a lot of weight lately. It must have been in his brain. Drive on Tebow. You’re a class act on and off the field. Since my Dallas Cowboys are out, I’m pulling for Denver.


    Hey Folks,

    Here’s the deal, Charles Barkley is just being negative towards Tim Tebow because he realizes that many of you will get your panties in a Wad. Barkley doesn’t know Tim Tebow anymore than any of us. Save your energy responding to his negative rhetoric. He’s just trying to draw attention to his celebrity. It’s sad that he could not garner this type of attention while playing 15 years in the league. He has to do something to remain relevant in today’s sports world. We must remember, there’s a generation of people that never heard of Charles Barkley.

    Hey look! I like Tebow and Barkley as people.

    I would much rather have our wayward children of our society imitate Tim Tebow’s character than someone who was an under achiever in his sport, a drunk, a law breaker and the list goes on and on…
    If the “Chuckster” had 1/3 of the character Tebow has presented to the media, he would have won multiple championships as an NBA player. However, his undisciplined tongue and lifestyle has cost him, and will continue to cost him in more ways than one.

    So, don’t allow the “Chuckster” to get under your skin folks, he’s just trying to make a living. Unfortunately negativity sells. It sucks but it’s true.


  • mudwump

    Hey Barkley, Let’s hear Danny Ainge’s assessment of your efforts and skills in the playoffs “back then”….that will shut you up.

  • Matt Helm

    Hey E. Brown be careful about comparing Tebow and Reggie White – The “Reverend” White had a really good track record with his racist views/comments (Google his speech to the Wisconsin Legislature). I’ve yet to hear Tebow spew such vile stuff. I’m not comparing them as players, just as the Christians they claim they are/were.

  • sUZYQ

    I must have missed it when Barkley played football..what makes him an expert. Can’t believe they even ask his opinion..

  • JB

    I remember when Charles Barkley played at Auburn. He was overwieght and only 6’4.5″ and no one thought he could be a success in the NBA. All of the talking heads criticized him and said he will never last in the NBA. Over time his game improved and his weight was managed and he improved as a player and became a HOF player. He never was able to win the NBA Title but he was a solid player. Tebow is in his 2nd year in the NFL and his first year as a starter. He has won a playoff game against the mighty Steelers. He needs to continue to develop and improve his game just like Barkley had to improve. Tebow is a lead from the front kind of guy with some morals. The NFL needs more people that try to do the right thing and play the game the right way.

  • Jenn

    Who is Charles Barkley?

  • Rick

    I don’t know what article most of you read but all Charles Barkley said about Tebow was “He seems like a nice kid but these ups and downs are so different. The jury is still out on Tebow. Just because he had a great game and made four or five great throws yesterday doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a great starting quarterback in the NFL.” That says nothing about him being a Christian. He is just saying Tebow needs to be more consistant to to considered a great player. I agree with Barkley. Tewbow may yet be a great player but lets see how he doies the few 3 or 4 seasons. And yes I am a Christian and I think it is Great for Tebow to show his faith the way he does. Take care and God bless.

  • Maxwells

    Charles is right to a degree, Tebow is not a great quarterback, that’s true, but he is an exciting one and millions of fans far beyond Denver enjoy watching him. That’s good for he NFL and its good for kids to have someone to look up to.

    Maybe if Tebow would just torture a few dogs before Saturdays game the Media would start showing a little respect for him.

    • grannysue

      Tebow actually has never ever said he is a great player, he has always expressed how it would never be done with out the team he plays with. I think Tebow is a very humble man and I am pleased to finally see a humble sportsman as we use to have in the past like Reggie White, the great boxer Foreman, and I know there use to be so many humble sports players but I think money got in the way. I think most of the time now people play for the almightly dollar.

  • maggie

    Barkley you are an idiot. I love tebow for the person her is for the role model he is for the kids. What have you done to inspire the kid?

    • http://msn bronco’sdiehard

      You must turn off the TV as soon as the game is over, otherwise you would have seen that every game the Bronco’s have won, that in Tebow’s post game interview he says I give thanks to my Lord and Savior and my teammates who make me look better that what I am. Get your facts straight or sound like Charles Barkley, not knowing what the HELL you are talking about.

  • carrera

    ok so he one a playoff game….the problem is, he is not the TEAM and if you look at the stats HE SUCKS!!!!!soooooooooooo when he plays a team that has beat up starters…he should “WHINE”…opppsss i ment win!!!!….. if you think he stands a chance next week! ookkk i have land in IRAQ for you!!! …go read the articals of his own team mates problems with all the hipe…when there out there doing the real skilled work on the field!!

    • frank

      oh really. I guess Elway sucked too…considering Tebow’s stats are better than Elway’s were the same time in his career!

  • http://MSN Michael Clemons

    Barkley by his own admission is not a role model so what do you expect him to say when a white guy comes along who is a role model? Why Barkley is a commentator is beyond me, and I know there are many others who feel the same way. Everything is a sham to Barkley, but himself; notice he called weight watchers a sham and he still is being used as advertisement for their product, How can that be? Tebow would have been gone, gone, gone if he had said what Barkley said.

  • Douglas

    I have no doubt that Tim Tebow is a talented quarterback. The only reason I root against him is because I can’t stand the fact that he has to thank God for whatever good fortune or success they had for any particular game. I’m one of those people that doesn’t believe in the mythological so-called supreme beings. In this year of 2012 with all our scientific advancement and knowledge of how the world really works, I find it annoying that so many people still think the make-believe mythological super being is responsible for everything that happens. I would be much more respectful, and probably would even root for Tim Tebow if he would just state that the reason they won on whatever day was due to personal hard work, practice and teamwork. Any time, any athlete attributes their own, or their teams success to the mythological God, I just lose a huge part of any respect I would’ve had for them.

    • mikal

      I am sure tebow could give a rats ass what u or any other haters out there think?
      Go Broncos!!!

    • Gojo

      It takes a lot of guts to express your own beliefs on this site! Better watch out, you will be called a “hater” by the “Christians.”

    • Snap2

      Ooooh, you’d better watch out for expressing your own beliefs here…you’ll be called a “hater!” See….

  • jase

    Hey charles The Fat Man Barkley? Number One—You NEVER WON a championship-Period! And you were basically a Poor Sport during your career often displaying many poor qualities for any youths in this country. From Spitting on young girls in the stands, to fighting, to arguing, but MOST of ALL always being an Individual Player in a Team sport. You were bsically a player NO OTHER team ever attempted to trade for because they knew you were NOT WORTH all the crap and BS that comes with YOU. Well, guess what-you still arent worth all the crap and BS that comes with YOU. I do believe you are a Racist and simply picking on him based on his color. Would you be so hard on a young black quarterback who has played in LESS than 16 games (basically a ROOKIE) or would you give him time to learn and see? Teabow is doing NOTHING DIFFERENT than what he has done his entire life, including college. It is the MEDIA who is giving him all this attention. He is NOT holding special TV appearances like Tiger (hello world) or Lebron ( going to south beach). So dont blame Teabow for being on TV! Blame the media for overcoverage. but guess what-all the Media is doing is giving the PUBLIC what they are ASKING for!!!
    So in conclusion, I hope fat stupid uneducated Charles goes back to the all you can eat food buffet and stuffs his mouth full of of food because then we dont have to hear the shit coming out of his mouth–cause thats all there is between his ears!

  • jasefl

    Teabow———–the ONLY player to WIN the heisman in his Soph Year in the history of College Football.

    Teabow———–One of only a FEW college players with TWO College Football Championships.

    Teabow is still basically a ROOKIE in the NFL—-give him some time, but NO MATTER what —-He is ALREADY a LOCK in the COLLEGE HALL of FAME even if he NEVER plays ANOTHER down……..

    • http://Facebook Satch

      Tebow,s A Bum They got Him Running A College Type offense because he can,t run a pro offense .

  • barkley’s nemisis

    You ARE JUST JEALOUS, barkley!


    i disagree. why is it that the majority of america is so upset over a man who loves god!just because he does,nt go out clubbing,falling over those publicity hungry women,drives an expensive car,and all the other materialist things he;s got to be bad mouthed.this man is looking for something we all should look for and that is put god first. if you win you win, if you lose you lose,there is greater things ,than football.he will always be respected ,because of his morals and his love for the things some of you will never have, charles shut up ,pay your gambling debts iou,s live and let live

  • JBW

    Who cares what some corpulent NBA has-been thinks about a current ATHLETE?

  • nick

    blacks in general just hate to give credit to white players

  • Shebow

    Will anyone like Mr Bow when he comes out of the closet. I know all sports analysts are tired of hearing/talking about a third string QB everyday but the networks know that Jesus freaks are easy targets and get easily wound up about sinners. I will bet in 2 years nobody remembers Tebow unless he comes out flaming.

  • shebow

    If one person who isn’t a jesus beliver and right winged conservative, ie college educated and claims to be a true fan of Tebow’s football skills not his girly voice and facepalm please standup.

  • hawaiikai

    At least Tebow is not spitting on little girls.

  • frank

    Barkley…Loser. Tebow…Winner. Losers will always criticize winners. Enough said!

  • Dewey

    What little respect I had for Barkley has just gone down to zero. I actually believed he had done some maturing, growing. How wrong I was! He is categorically, unequivocally a child trapped inside of an aging human frame.

  • brent

    In a recent email, I read about a woman named Pam, who knows the pain of
    considering abortion. More than 24 years ago, she and her husband Bob were
    serving as missionaries to the Philippines and praying for a fifth child.
    Pam contracted amoebic dysentery, an infection of the intestine caused by a
    parasite found in contaminated food or drink. She went into a coma and was
    treated with strong antibiotics before they discovered she was pregnant.

    Doctors urged her to abort the baby for her own safety and told her that
    the medicines had caused irreversible damage to her baby. She refused the
    abortion and cited her Christian faith as the reason for her hope that her
    son would be born without the devastating disabilities physicians
    predicted. Pam said the doctors didn’t think of it as a life, they thought
    of it as a mass of fetal tissue.

    While pregnant, Pam nearly lost their baby four times but refused to
    consider abortion. She recalled making a pledge to God with her husband: *If
    you will give us a son, we’ll name him Timothy and we’ll make him a

    Pam ultimately spent the last two months of her pregnancy in bed and
    eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy August 14, 1987. Pam’s youngest
    son is indeed a preacher. He preaches in prisons, makes hospital visits,
    and serves with his father’s ministry in the Philippines . He also plays
    football. Pam’s son is Tim Tebow.

    The University of Florida ’s star quarterback became the first sophomore in
    history to win college football’s highest award, the Heisman Trophy. His
    current role as quarterback of the Denver Broncos has provided an
    incredible platform for Christian witness. As a result, he is being called
    The Mile-High Messiah.

    • Chuck0410

      Thank you for this background information.

      Tim Tebow has never desired the media publicity. He’s a good QB and hopefully over time will become a great QB.

      Regardless, I am thankful to finally see a great role model in the NFL.

      There have been a few others, but they have Been few and far between.

      He has always given credit to Jesus first followed by his teammates. He praises God not for winning, but for giving him the ability and opportunity to play a game He loves.

      He always puts his teammates above himself.

      Go Denver! (and I am not even a Denver fan)

      Win or Lose the game, Tim Tebow is a WINNER!

  • Ivania

    The most hyped, least skillful QB. in the NFL history!!!!!

  • Wow.

    Such hate from people just because of an opinion. I’m just shocked. I doubt Tebow would want anyone to react how most of you are reacting. All the hype Tebow is getting is blown way out of proportion. If their kicker misses one of those field goals during the regular season, there is no playoffs for the Broncos. I have nothing against Tebow, all I hate is everyone acting like he is the first to thank god for his accomplishments. News flash it’s been happening everywhere for a long time and the whole “tebowing” I’ve seen that done, he’s not the first to do it.

    Most of you that commented are ignorant of a lot of facts and you too are trying to make Tebow something he’s not. He’s just a football player and from what I see a decent human being.

    Before you start your hate at me, I believe in God and I followed Tebow before he was “cool”.

    Also if you think that America needs a role model like him, you’re wrong. I grew up without looking up to a person like him and I turned out just fine. I still open doors for people, ask people if they need help with groceries, I have manners at the dinner table, I have manners when talking to people, and do you know where I learned that from, My Parents not an athlete.

  • SR31143

    I am 68 years old, so I learned a long time ago to agree to disagree. Charles Barclay has a right to his opinion about Tebow, as does everyone else. I read and re-read Charles’ comments, and have noted that he said absolutely nothing negative about Tebow. He just said that he was tired of all the hype about Tebow. That does not make him a racist and, quite frankly, I don’t think that such connotations should have been brought into this discussion. Neither do I think that references to “dog-killing”, which are obviously about Michael Vick, or other negative comments and aspersions that have been cast about the “criminals” in the NBA. Tim Tebow is a bona-fide Christian and I have no problem with him confessing his faith or giving thanks to the Lord in his post-game comments. Most importantly, as a Christian, I do not think that Tebow would approve of most of the comments here on this site, despite the fact that they were made by his fans and supporters, because they are not very God-like in their tone or content.

    • Snap2

      Finally!!!! Thank you sir for your rational and straight-forward assessment of this article. Like you, I did not see anything in Barkley’s comments that deserved the type of responses that have filled this page. Whether you like Barkley or not, he was asked his opinion. He said Tebow “seemed like a nice kid.” He also stated the obvious, that Tebow is an NFL quarterback and as such, should be playing/passing well.

      I think it is this type of reporting that is the problem. To headline the article with a derogatory comment attributed to Barkley re: Tebow being a “nightmare,” when that is not the gist of the interview is only meant to stir up this ugly mess. Beyond that, I am appalled at the remarks of the so-called Christian supporters who sound anything but Christian!!

  • Tony

    Mr Barkley is saying this because Tim Teabow is white. If a black athlete was getting all this attention Mr Barkley would not have this negative opinion.

  • Oldtaxpayer01

    Tebow reminds him of eternity and he doesn’t like what he sees. It’s not about Tebow but about hell.

  • sam

    You are just a racist fool. Go back to eating. You are a has been. Wonder if you will be standing at the pearly gates NOT!

  • Pats all day

    Barkley being Barkley. He will never give credit to anyone that in not a thug, gangster, or other degenerate! I’ll bet if Tebow had raped or murdered someone, he’d be giving him props!

  • Michael Bronco

    This is sports. It’s fun. Nothing more. Charles Barkley is pure entertainment, which is his intent. Judging by the remarks on this post, he’s a master at it. And so is Tebow at winning.

  • Mel

    I am from Pittsburgh and we love our Steelers. But when you have a class act Like Tebow, who can not help but admire and respect the young man. Enjoy the success and GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • tomahawk903

    The true test will be this weekend when Tebow plays New England @ Foxboro and beyond if he makes it. This game will seperate the the Hall of fame quarterbacks and the want to be quarterbacks in the NFL. Charles is right when he said: “The jury is still out on Tebow. Just because he had a great game and made four or five great throws yesterday doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a great starting quarterback in the NFL.” So on the field all matters of will be put to rest when he plays in New England and beyond.

  • walter

    How many titles does Barkely have?Oh;well anyway maybe Tebow should spit on some fans;start some bar fights;gamble and become a little more profane.Maybe that would meet Barkleys approval a little better.

  • tom culbreth

    chaz is not even relevent. go eat another twinky dude

  • Lisa Powell

    While I don’t agree with the mannerism in which Charles Barkley speaks, I do agree that the Tim Tebow hype is a bit out of control. He is a great QB but as Charles so graciously put it…lol..enough is enough.

  • tony fressola

    Why doesn’t Barkley ever shut up????

  • justme49

    Well if Tebow is getting the job done, Charles should just shut his pie hole-whats barkey won-nothing!

  • Yogi

    Let me give you some stat lines…..

    61.2 949 7.1 3 3 80.7 5
    46.5 1729 6.4 12 6 72.9 11

    Out of these two stat lines which do you think is the better QB just by the numbers?

    Let me tell you that one of these lines is from a guy everyone cant stop talking about and the other is someone no one is talking about.

    The second Line is Tebow. The first is TJ Yates of the Houston Texans. A third string quarterback. Let me repeat that…. a third string quarterback. Other than the touchdown column, which is clearly impacted by games played I feel like Yates should be receiving as much if not more publicity than Tebow based purely on the fact that Tebow is the “starter” and throwing up numbers like these and Yates is a backup. Both have made it to the same position in the playoffs, but Yates may have a better chance to get a win depeneding on which Ravens team shows up to play this weekend.

    Enough with Tebow let here it for Yates!!!!

    P.S. Im not a Houston Texans fan, I actually grew up in Denver and have been a Bronco fan since ’89.

    • john

      Tebow attracts more attention; that’s why he’s getting more press. The press focuses on who will generate the most interest. Tebow does; Yates doesn’t.

  • http://TheBackyard Netcubed1

    Sorry (Charlie), but you aren’t exactly a class act yourself, nor were you ever a great basketball player. Tebow isn’t Johnny U, Troy Aikman or Joe Montana we all know that, but he’s young and came from a college program that was designed to use the strengths he had. Tebow may never be that perfect drop-back passer, but he brings a different dimension to the game. And he is a winner in life and the scoreboard will always be in his favor.

  • Michael

    Charles Barkley is full of himself and his “Hall of Fame” Ring! Yes, I get tired of hearing about Tebow, but not the way Barkley is. I get tired of hearing about how Tebow can’t do this and that! The TEAM is WINNING! something that Denver has not done in a while!

    After all, what does Charles Barkley know about FOOTBALL? If he was commenting about a basketball game, his “opinion” might mean something! My 19 year old son probably knows more about football than does Barkley!

    Barkley is just another pissed off Tebow hater! He does not like Tebow’s demonstration of his faith, this makes him uncomfortable. I hate to say it, but Barkley appears to be another “black racist”. Mr. Barkley, would you have a “problem” with Tebow if he were black? Just asking! I guess “Prince Charles” really crapped his pants when Tim “cant pass the ball” Tebow passed against the vaunted Pittsburg Defense to WIN the game in the first play of overtime! Keep on hating Barkley, I will continue to ignore you and your ignorant remarks! Tim Tebow is a breath of fresh air and Barkley is full of Hot Air!

  • Charles

    If you want to sell tickets . . . . .

    Have Tebow and Barkley line up 1 on 1 with pads and lets see who the guy is?

    Timmy would detroy Charles when it comes to skills, strength, and speed.

    Barkely was a good basketball player, not a HOF’er.

    Barkley says what sells, not what makes sense.

    • Michael

      I do not know basketball, I thought or read that Barkley was a HOF player? ? ? That is what I get for “thinking”! If he is not in the BBall HOF, then why are his comments given so much weight? Like I said, My son would be a better commentator and knows more about the game, when it comes to football. He has likely forgotten more than Barkley ever knew about that game. Tim Tebow has more class in his little finger than Barkley has in his whole body! Tebow has his issues, that is true, his mechanics seem all wrong,etc.; however, you cannot fault the fact that he places his faith in God first, teammates second and himself third! Tebow is first to tell you that without his TEAM, he could do nothing! Most of the “prima donas” in football cannot wait to tell you how good they are, how they won the game OR How their Team LOST the game in spite of their obvious skills and heroic efforts!! blah, blah, blah!!!

  • nevermindme

    First, I am a black man. Second, let’s us be clear: Charles Barkley is a racist hypocrite and proudly carries himself in that manner as no one ever calls him on it. Why the double standard — he’s Charles Barkley, he’s supposedly funny and hasn’t come across a self-respecting white man in 30 years who wasn’t busy sewing their lips to his a$$. Where did this indifference come from? In all seriousness. Did he cure cancer, save an african village from famine, or did he even help an old lady cross the street? But WOW(!!!), he sure could rebound…

    If Tim Tebow were a black man, all — and I do mean ‘ALL’, would be right in the world and every bit of criticism and ridicule thrown his way would immediately be relegated to the ‘RACIST’ box rather than the ‘EVERYONE IS ENITITLED TO AN OPINION’ box.

    I’m not necessarily a Tebow fan or sports fan for that matter, but I do hate injustice and jacka$$e$ who hide behind political correctness (you cannot criticize me or counter my BS because you’re white and i’m BLACK) while demanding the rest of us look past their double standards.

  • JWilson

    Lets talk about a national nightmare Barkleys ass and his golf swing!

  • John

    Charles, “that’s just turrible”.

  • philly

    Barkley is one big a–, besides he can’t golf!!

  • Inhoc

    I find it hilarious and peculiar that all of the bible-thumpers get on here and cast stones at the great Sir Charles for expressing an opinion that is shared by a great many NFL fans…it is an opinion that is in fact shared by the great John Elway himself. Time for the truth. Tebow is a great athelete…and a near-annoyingly great christian (although one could argue a true man of God would rest on the sabbath as mandated) but he is not..and will never be a great NFL quarterback. He is a tight end. He could be a great tight end. He passes well enough to be a tight end who passes on the occasional trick play…and that opinion my god-fearing friends is as good as gospel…now back to your stone throwing and judging.

    • CJ Monaco

      The Sabbath is the 7th day of the week (Saturday). Sunday, the first day of the week, is generally when NFL games are played. Now, if you want to criticize Tebow for playing football instead of being in church on Sunday, one can see that. But, Sunday is not the Sabbath. Besides, I’d imagine that Tebow attends some type of a church or chapel service on Sunday on top of playing football that day.

  • michael

    I am black, i love tim tebow, he is a humble simple man trying to do his best with what he has been handed in life. he is a man of principle. i love charles barkley, he tells people where he stands, he is a man of principle. the problem is that everyone is missing the point. tim tebow does not evangelize, he lives life the way he believes his faith guides him. THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. charles barkley has a platform, he lives his life the way he believes his faith guides him, THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. the media is driving the frenzy. charles should criticize the media not the fine young man that is tim tebow. Race? it seems to be a constant presence in the daily american dialogue. but this issue is charles, a good man, is criticizing the wrong dude. both men have accomplished a lot, god bless both of them. when charles said i am not a role model, he meant basketball players should not be role models, teachers, parents, etc should. Everyone is, accept it or not, w are all role models for youth. I like tebow’s approach better. but i still like charles.

  • dbd

    The sports world needs more Tebows than it does Barkleys for sure.

  • Milicent Redo

    Barkley is entitled to his opinion as are you. Why would you call him a racist when he is married to a white woman?!??! Get real people. It is not that serious. History will tell us if Tebow becomes great. He has just begun. I like him. He prays for strength, just as I do.

  • red smith

    Why would anyone have a real problem with Tim Tebow? He’s made it as a starter and playoff winner in spite alot of criticism and negative opinions that he had to overcome.

    Why wouldn’t anybody just say “hat’s off to the guy”? That’s not saying he’s God or that he’s even a true NFL QB. All the negativity is dumb founding to me.

    Tim Tebow has won a National Championship (or 2?). That’s more than Charles can say.
    I’ve always admired the heart the Charles Barkley displayed on the court. Maybe it’s time to reconsider what Charles truly is. He’s not as big as he use to be for more reasons than one.

  • http://msn Obiwan

    Barkley is the same old loser, I maan what an ungodly, evil moron. He is a clown, a side-show at best.

  • Friggs

    Tebow isn’t great, & may never be, but he’s sure made the season fun for a lot of people including non-Bronco fans. It’s not clear to me why obnoxious has beens such as Mr. Barkley can’t enjoy it as well.

  • mo d

    Anyone who says Charles was an average basketball player doesnt know what he is talking about. Tebow is the great white hope. I know of many great black athletes who have shown their love for the ‘Lord’. They were generally berated for fusing religion and sports. But the great white hope? Well isnt he just fantastic! If he were black they wouldnt even considered letting him play quaterback, they would have made him a db in an instant. @@#$$#@Tebow and his lucky a%%!

  • http://TheBackyard jaxbuck

    The National Disgrace is the loudmouth,,fat slob Barkley…and those who provide a platform allowing him to voice an opinion on anything…He and Mark may are alike

  • partyball

    I agree Sir Charles and no Chrles isn’t a football players but he knows his sports and he’s correct….Tebow is an NFL QB he is suppose to make plays and complete throws that what he’s paid to do and if he was all he cracked up or as much as the media likes to hype him then Denver wouldn’t have been 8-8 or whatevre their record was and on another note he was playing against a injury ridden team with QB hurt beyond repair and they still almost lost it so it’s not TEBOW TIME yet I agree Sir Charles he’s nowhere near where he needs to be to get all this hype….Wonder whats gonna happen once LOCKE is in NFL I guess those are more balls to ride….

  • BilboR

    What we are really sick of is Charles Barkley!!! The wanna-be sportscaster.

  • http://msn Rnichols

    Charles WHO?!! Oh, now I remember…that disgusting, ILLITERATE, feces of humanity who SPIT on a child during an NBA game..When is this guy gonna get a clue that NOBODY CARES WHAT HE THINKS!!! I personally have had enough of Charles BARKley to last 5 lifetimes…..Just let these athletes enjoy their “shine” time for as long as it lasts. They’ve worked hard and they deserve it.

  • Mike

    Tim Tebow had a great game. A great Play-Off game in the NFL. Give him his due. He may not ever develop into a premier NFL Quarterback in the future; so what? I salute him, wish him well and know enough not to bet against his continued success.

  • John

    Well guess what Charles, there’s people out here who don’t think too much of you either. By the way, how many championships did you win?, oh none? That’s right, just shut up and spend the rest of your life comfortable with your millions and leave your stupid opinions to yourself. Thanks

  • badback

    Gotta love sir charles.
    yea, america is tired of Tebow. Ask sir charles the last time he got a 31.6 tv share.
    Like Never!

  • JJL2U

    Wow, is Charles jealous of Tebow’s attention or what?! No, Tebow is no nightmare, however Charles Barkley’s golf game certainly is. Finally, is it just me, or is Charles starting to look like a black Uncle Fester?!

  • JJL2U

    Wow, is Charles jealous of Tebow’s attention or what?! No, Tebow is no nightmare, however, Charles Barkley’s golf game certainly is. Finally, is it just me, or is Charles starting to look like a black Uncle Fester?!

  • wildfortebow


  • http://msn jerry

    sir charles guaranteed the falcons were going to beat the giants.who’s the fail charles?

  • http://yardbarker Bob Romeiser

    Charles Barkley is who everyone is sick of….useless piece of crap that doesn”t know football from his left earlobe…or right from left I bet..he should just sit around losing his cash on gambling and let people think he’s stupid instead of opening that ugly piehole and proving it!

  • tim

    I think tebow should let his game speak fopr itselk,and quit doing his “look at me,look at me “stuff

  • Michael

    Enough of this already. Can I make some points:

    1. This story is not about who is a class person or a classless person. It’s about one athlete’s critique of another athlete’s skillset. Why can’t you folks just discuss the issue without complicating it with religious and/or racist vents.

    2. Barkley gets TV time because he’s a personality. Tebow gets more than his share of media attention because he’s a spokesman for Christianity. Clearly Tebow gets a lot more recognition for his accomplishments because of the latter. He is now the most popular athlete in America. No one can really believe it’s because of his athletic accomplishments which are not even all AFC West to date. They might be at some point, but they aren’t yet.

    3. Kudos to the T.J. Yates fan. Couldn’t agree with you more. Of course, don’t overlook the face that Tebow won a Heisman, starred on two national championship teams at Florida and was one of the most sought-after high school players in the nation. All of that helps drive his aura.

    4. Barkley was asked his opinion and he gave it. Just like all of you are giving yours. Give him a break. For someone you all accuse of being a no-talent bum, he’s done quite well. I’d venture he has a lot more success and money that anyone writing in this space, myself included.

  • http://n/a skyehawk

    Barkley should keep his zipper up and stay out of jail !……( remember ? ) Tebow has not reached his level yet …., The Racist blowhard is trying to get his name linked with Tebow …

    Barkley: ” That whore in phoenix really gives a great BJ “…

    Tebow: ” My Teammates make me look a lot better than I am “…….nuff said ………

  • LeeLee

    Why would you put Sir in front of his name? Please he is definately not! He is just Big Bald and Ugly! Weight Watchers isnt going to help.
    John 3:16…. Look at the status from last weeks game with all the 3-16′s Tim got last week. Tim is a good guy and has a strong belief with God and he is just doing what he likes to do and is also setting an example for others.
    Charles you need to just shut thy mouth and let Tim enjoy his time as you did
    WAY back when????

    Tim has God’s favor we all need to wake up every morning and thank God for another day. Tim keep doing what your doing and Good Luck to Denver tean this Saturday.


    hey Charles you opened you mouth about Tebow and your banished to bogeyland;the kids a winner and he has a better rookie starting stats than a few all-star hall of famers.I could think of quite a few teams in the NFL that would love to have a winner taking snaps.By the way why dont you see if Newt Gingrich wants a running mate.And you two can sit at a bar somwhere and drink away complaining about Tebow and Romney hahahahaha romney will be in DC and Tebow will be in the super bowl if not this year another!

  • http://TheBackyard Di

    I would like to comment on the fact that I have enjoyed this football season because of Tim Tebow more than I have enjoyed any in many years. He is so much fun to watch because you never really know what he might do next. I think that he adds a bit of mystery to the mix in football. The reason he has so much attention is because he is so different and exciting. Lots of people also like to see someone who is constantly picked on do well and that adds even more people rooting for him. Then he has such high moral standards and that has even more people rooting for him. Then he is so humble and that is so likeable that you have even more people rooting for him.The fact that he is still finding his way in the NFL has even more people rooting for him. He is talented in an unorthodox style and that is exciting and different. He is like a great new flavor of ice creme! Then there is his expression of faith that is so wonderful to see and that makes a lot of people root for him. I could go on and on but I think that sums up most of it. To the people who act like school yard bullies that pick on him. To you I think you might just be either jealous or just being what you are- a negative naysayer/usually the type of people that are not well liked. I do not know if he will be a first starting QB for many years. Time will tell. I think he has the talent and willpower.I sure will enjoy watching him play ball and judging by his popularity so will many others. Negativity cannot steal his glory! To me and many others He is already GREAT and will always have a spot in our hearts! That is already more than many seasoned players have from their fanbase after many years of playing ball. Just stop and ask yourself if character matters? YES IT DOES! Here is the proof!

  • http://OurayColorado Ron Hamman

    Well, Charlie you are not to smart!No use calling you Bad words & Dirty Names You need to crawl back into your do not smell GOOD!
    TIM TEBOW A good man , Loves his God and mine, Best Roll model to come
    Down the pike in a long-long-long Time in Sports. Great Football History So-Far!Takes set backs with out a Blow up,Charlie you know what I mean! Has a
    Great Arm & Dead eye aim, 15 Pro Starts Not Quite Thru Yet!LOTS OF Fun to watch! Go for the Gold , Tim You Got Millions of Fans,and I am one of them.

  • mike

    While Barkley might have a point(ESPN has become the All-Tebow Butt-Kissing Network, All the Time), to call it a national nightmare is a bit disingenous and unfair to Tim. Even if hes not the greatest QB in the league(which he certainly isnt), his team is winning and he has made some great plays to help them. Maybe Sir Charles needs to be reminded that the world doesnt revolve around him and his big mouth anymore than it revolves around Tebow. And guess who I think is the bigger attention whore(it aint Timmy!)?

  • This is Bill

    Barkley is a huge bully, without morals or charactor. He played dirty.(elbowing guys in the face during timeouts for instance). If he were not black, he would be White trash. This “host” however was putting words in his mouth. He is the real culprit here.

  • ben llanes

    Once again, Barkley and his foul mouth show he’s shameless existence. Him having problems with the law and decent living every so often, calling a Tebow a nightmare painted himself a disgrace to society and humankind. Barkley cant even compare with Tebows accomplishment in terms of helping uplift the lives of other people in a meaningful way. Tebow has done missionary work in his entire life, where as Barkleys game is to bad mouth other people and put down other peooples achievement out of his jealosy. He is in the same league as gayweather..well, birds of the same feather…

  • Phil

    Chuckie must have had PITT and laid the 8 points for a big number. Had he taken the Broncos +8 or on the Money Line, he’d be singing his praises.
    CHUCKIE, don’t let your degenerate gambling get the best of you and then go on talk radio………Would love to book your action……!

  • brian

    barkley dont know shit bout football or being an athlete.Cause hes fat and was out of shape when he played.He never who a champships so shut your mouth and take your 15 minutes of fame for your comment

  • Jack Mehoff

    Chucky “Butthead” Barkley is a total, washed up, pathetic Azzwhole. He was a mediocre player when he was in the NBA and now he’s a pathetic, fat, sloppy old girly-man. If Barkley thinks ill of you, you must be doing something right. Wear it as a badge of honor if Butthead Barkley hates you. Other than EXTREME maturbation, I can’t think of another thing he’s good at.

  • Erin Car

    Wow, sure are a lot of racists here.

  • BroncoTB15

    Charles Barkley??? Really??? In his day he MAY have been a decent basketball player, but he doens’t know football. A nightmare??? Have you ever seen Barkely golf?

  • jim

    you guys need someone to call your own sad. you guys could never touch us. teblow who… lol

    • Fred Heard

      Barkley was a beast in his and I’m a huge fan. I did like Tebow but I’m so tired of hearing about him that now i don’t like him.The pass play they scored on is the same playaction pass they run just about every pass you will c it Sunday when they play the Pats.Thomas did all the work Tebow threw his best pass of the season.I BLAME ESPN BECAUSE ALL YOU HERE ABOUT IS TEBOW AND OH YEA CHARLES BARKLEY IS A FIRST BALLAD HALL OF FAMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Hey, I know that guy….. Didn’t he used to be Charles Barkley? I think he used to be somebody.

  • reallydontcare

    i think it is great to have a qb in church on sunday, than in the news on sunday for assault, shooting someone,or his self



  • butterflyinoh

    Charles Barkley is totally JEALOUS of all the attention Tim Tebow is getting. God is using Tim to bring glory to himself and to bring others to Christ. Tim is the REAL deal—and God is rewarding him OPENLY BECAUSE of his RELATIONSHIP with him. This is something beyond peoples’ comprehension–but it states it in the BIBLE–that these things will follow his true believers!!!

  • di

    Charles Barkley is an attention getter. He likes to say controversial stuff. He does not discriminate in that area. If he did, he would be ostracized from the field of sports commentary. This is not about race. It is about Charles Barkley pushing people’s button’s on purpose. It would be refreshing to see an article with one hundred comments and none about race. Charles Barkley may or may not go to hell. It’s refreshing to see Tebow make a statement that Christians are unable to make at work without being called a religious fanatic. Go Tebow! /s/ a Black person.

  • Wiseguy

    Barkely is an idiot. Never won anything and a big time loser in the gambling seen. Never was and never will be anything. National Nightmare???? HA. We are not talking about Obama here buddy. He’s your National Nightmare.

  • CHina Ted

    The national disgrace is Barkley. How can a drunk, overweight lardass, who drives around with his privates exposed be allowed to have any public presence or comment? Tebow provides a positive image for young people and deserves all the publicity and respect. We need more Tebows who make the most of their talent by focusing on specific performance goals and working hard to achieve these goals. His demonstration of faith is secondary to his achievement through focus and determination

  • Yayson

    lets cut the bullshit here. We’ll remove Barkley from the discussion. Tebow had a great college career. Clap, clap. We aren’t talking about his college career, we’re talking about his pro career. Statistically he sucks. Does this mean that he hasn’t had success? No. Look no farther than Trent Dilfer to see an example of a less than average QB that has won the whole thing. To spell it out for all of the ‘I don’t know shit about football, but I sure know I’m a Christian and he’s a Christian so that makes him good’ ranters. I don’t believe that the reason that people hate Tebow is his faith. As has been stated there are many athletes that praise God for their gifts. It is 100% the media that is causing this. It is the media that just can’t seem to get their head out of his lap. Lastly, to the morons who attack professional sports stars of any league/sport who have not won a championship as not being any good because of this, let me run you some names: Moon, Esiason, Kelly, Tarkenton. Shall we move to basketball? Stockton, Malone, Pistol Pete, Ewing. There are so many others, Hall of Famers or not that deserve the respect of getting there. Will Tebow be an elite QB? Maybe, maybe not. No one will know until it happens. Until then shut your mouth, watch the games and let the stats be your guide. That way you don’t prove to the world how much you lack in the brains department. It’s just too damned early to be putting this kid on any kind of pedestal one way or the other.

  • Jason

    The sad thing is the world has a history of only loving God when he is represented in White flesh( hence the Michael Angelo portraits of Jesus that dominate churches in America) nevermind the fact that Jesus was hidden in Egypt at his birth, what white baby could hide in Egypt among blacks…Barkley, just another black racist?, totally impossible for blacks to be racist about caucasian people unless they are ignorant, because racist means you hate someone based on their race, the caucasian race has such a terrible history of treatment to black people that one would have to simply not know that history to be considered a black racist toward the european race, blacks hated europeans because they inflicted racism on them, Tebow is a great guy ..but when we drag God down to our level we have to be careful of what we are saying he is involved in…for instance did God want to take advantage of a backup safety playing for Ryan Clark who has a blood condition that doesnt allow him to play because its literally a life and death situation, My God is no cheap God..maybe yours is Peace

    • eddie woods

      Any race can practice racism towards any other race.
      Definition of RACISM
      : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

      • Jason

        Well if thats how you define racism then yes, but it looks more like the definition of prejudice in webster’s dictionary ,what ever that means, but as you give me the definition I agree but as I said to hate a white person because of their race you have to be ignorant to the history of the white race and its cruelty to the colored races of the world…but honestly there history speaks for itself and no one hates whites for being white they hate whites for the near 6,000 years of the Destruction of black life, and if they dont know that history and hate whites any way, then they are ignorant…any right person should hate the murderer of their father unless they have completely atoned for it, and sadly they have not

  • tebow killer

    tim tearblow is a child molesting queer

  • Jay Guesswho

    I would say Charles and his DUIs are a national nightmare! Go drink some more Charles. That’s why your wife said you had a limp dick!

    • MsTurner

      Agreed. Pathetic role model for our younger generation. Charles needs to stick to his crack whores and the bottle and drop dead. The world is a better place without his pointless racist rants.

    • Joan Kaighn

      I never watch football and didn’t know what a teebow was until I happened onto this website. I understand the young man kneels down to pray after each game? He is young and very fervent about his religion – it doesn’t hurt anyone. I don’t understand why so-called “Christians” get so heated up and use vile words (and often mispelled as well) to respond to criticism of him. What is it that brings out the very worst in people on these websites?

  • cc

    Hey Charles, why don’t yo ask the nice redhead you knew from Flagstaff AZ? Remember what you did to her? Teerrriibbblle. Jerk

  • peet

    I caddied for Barkley once in Philly a long time ago, and he is really a great guy – super funny and nice. He has a TV ‘personality’ like all TV personalities that is fine-tuned to KEEP him on TV. Yes, he is outspoken and some consider him rude, but he calls it as he sees it… Those of you (seems like 90% of this board) who think for some reason that he’s racist because he thinks TT is over-hyped need to realize that he would, and HAS, said similar things about black athletes who have their heads up their asses.

    And on a final, pet-peevish, note – To clarify, Barkley IS in the Hall of Fame and rightly so. His slobby 50-year-old ass could probably still take Tebow to school on a court, to say nothing of all you pretenders saying he was nothing great in the NBA

  • Harry

    Some people think Tim Tebow is a saint. What really got me was the week that Cam Newton set the rookie record for passing in a season, and what were the headlines: Tim Tebow loses a game. That is bullshit.

  • Les H

    I thot Obama is the ‘national nightmare’! Why do we care what an NBA player thinks about an NFL player? Should we as his opinion on NASCAR? Or NHL? What a waste of web space.

  • JT


    Every time someone makes a statement ‘white’s are racist’ they imply ‘ALL white’s are racist’. Because they lump the whole group into a disparaging, ill cast remark, that statement, ‘white’s are racist’ IS racist. The truth is some are, some are not. How do you know the percentages? Historically there ha been abuses, but there has been much compassion and kindness also.

    About skin colors in ancient Egypt, there were also non-African/black peoples in Egypt long before Jesus’ birth.

    • Jason

      I agree, today are you suggesting that Jesus was white? I thought that argument was over, and quite frankly it is…about their being non blacks in egypt before jesus I agree, but not prior to 6,000 years ago….and honestly African was given to those people by a European named Scipio Africanus that conquered the northern portion of the region, but in europe and in egypt there are early depictions of Jesus and I’m sorry none are white, in fact it is without a shadow of a doubt a black man, as well as the early depictions of his mother, the Virgin Mary, the fact that you have lighter skinned people in that region is due soley to inter-marriages, in what is now known as the middle east and through several wars those people forced the true darker people in that region towards center part of the continent, But if you think Jesus is white thats fine, but his color was made an issue when whites deemed it necessary to change it…Peace

  • Roger

    What the heck does blow hard Barkley know about clean cut faith driven people.Probably the last person in the world to be commenting on Tebow!!

  • http://yahoo chuck

    Where was Mr Self Righteous Barkley when Tiger Woods was lying and cheating on his wife and children? Oh yeah he was with him in Vegas on his sex and gambling escapades.What did Mr Barkley say when Michael Vick was torturing and beating innocent animals to death? Not much but show he is a believer and Barkley has a lot to say.

  • MsTurner

    Uneducated racist strikes again. Go pick up another hooker Barkley! What is the matter – jealous that the kid is not a dumb ass loser like yourself? If Tebow acted like Urlacher or Rothlisberger maybe you would like him because they are racially confused and think that they are black! Stupid people should be exterminated. Why does anybody care what this illiterate smelly ass non-tipping jig says anyway?

  • Baz

    Has anyone ever read St. Matthew chapter 6?

  • Don

    Barlkey is just like the Rev. Jackson and Rev. Al, it you DON’T stick a camera or a mic in his face he will go away. PLEASE go away!!!!!!

  • jerry

    Why sports get some mush-mouthed person such as Barkley to talk about any sport is a mystery to me.
    Before he takes off on someones ability, or lack of it, he should show a film clip of his pathetic golf swing. He is a true zero in every sense of the word.

  • http://thebackyard mike baudanza

    is this the same charles barkley who once proclaimed he is amphibious,refering to the use of both hands?i think he uses both hands alright. the mans a buffoon.

  • J

    Charles Barkley always did have his head up his ass thats why he sounds the way he does when he talks !


    Hey barkley do you dislike tebow because he dosent drive around phoenix drunk looking for hookers, hhmmmm like you did?? or is it is because he is white….really you have let your head swell so much you think we really care what an old fat guy, drunk hooker chasing guy thinks…..stay with basketball ….just go away

  • Jerry P

    Mush-mouth Barkley is a disgrace to the english speaking world.
    He, like most athletes of color have poor grammar and it wasn’t learned in school.
    As for his thoughts on Tebow, he is entitled to them. However, Tebow is news and will be as long as they are winning.
    No one in sports has ever been shoved down the public’s throat as much as Tiger Woods: Lest we forget.
    If you want to see a real loser in a sport, get a Barkley golf clip………..

  • Dean Hardage

    Barkley, grow the hell up. Just because you aren’t playing professionally any longer is no reason to hate on someone who is and is doing a good job, whether you like him personally or not. Nightmare? That’s giving someone like you a microphone and a forum to be a jerk.

  • deenuts

    Barkley should just stick to worrying about getting caught in Scottsdale picking up hookers for bj’s!

  • Martin Finklestein

    Tim Tebow should pray that Charles Barkley gets diabetes. That would be the Christian way to handle this particular situation.

  • Robert McAvoy

    Oh yeah, Barkely is talking. Let’s see, hee must have won a bunch of NCAA championships at Auburn…no wait, he lost the only NCAA game he ever was in, the “1″ tome his team actually made the tournament. He never even made the NCAA tourney two of his 3 years. But he won a bunch of NBA championships…oh yeah, none. He should talk…

  • http://thebackyard jbfrombremerton

    Charles—don’t hate Tim, hate the media that has made such a big deal out of Tim. If media people would simply let Tim do his thing and not sensationalize his every action you would not feel as you do. You are just another sheep in the hate Tebow crowd but because of your big mouth you have an instant forum from your cronies in the media. In fact, the media helped make you a big mouth and gets you more publicity than you deserve. Go away Charles and keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Kosh

    Seperate the man from the Quarterback. He’s a greta kid but an average Q-back. There may be potential but he’s still has to prove it. Barkley will say anything controversial – that’s his MO.

    Tebow is a Role Model and Barkley, unfortunately, NOT!


  • Bill Potestio

    Charles Barkley? Isn’t he that guy best known for the UGLIEST swing in golf history? He might have also been a bench player for some team in the Bob Love, Bill Russell era. Nevertheless, what does he know and who cares what he thinks. The sun is shining elswhere “Sir Charles.” Get over it and get usse to it.

  • David

    One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Charles Barkley is his honesty…he calls them as he sees them…and I do not think his criticism has anything to do with racism at all. However, as honest as Barkley is, his morality leaves a lot to be desired. If you know his off-the field record, you know what I’m talking about.

    At any rate, Charles has put his foot in his mouth on this one! Charles likes controversy, he knows it improves ratings, etc. But calling Tebow a “national nightmare” is so over the top, and truly hints at some jealousy on Barkley’s behalf.

    Tebow’s approach to the spotlight is everything that Barkley wasn’t.
    Tim is a role model. Barkley said that athletes shouldn’t be role models, parent should be role models. Barkley has wasted MILLIONS gambling…Tebow gives millions to feed and clothe children…not to mention giving a lot of his time to mission work as well. Tebow pats his opponent on the back after a good tackle…Barkley took cheap shots at players often…the worst example I remember was the U.S.A. Dream team beating Angola (or some obscure African nation) like 140-50, and Barkley lays one of the Angolan players out with a cheap shot when the game is not even close.

    I could go on with comparisons, but Tebow is a polar opposite of Barkley. One of the reasons Tebow has been so “hyped,” and we all get tired of anyone who is hyped, is because our nation is STARVING for someone to be the kind of ROLE MODEL that he is glad to be. We are tired of athletes who live and act like “rock stars” and think their ability makes them entitled. And all of this is made even more interesting by people like Charles Barkley who are quick to criticize for whatever reason.

    There are definitely some NFL quarterbacks with more talent: Rogers, Brady, Manning, Brees, and Matt Ryan, to name a few. However, whenever quarterbacks are mentioned, they always say the real measure of a quarterback is winning. So if that is the most important measure, Tebow is doing pretty well in his first partial season as a starter…and yes he is far from an elite quarterback. But how can you not be amazed with what he is accomplishing with very average quarterback skills? That is what people are missing…he is doing amazing things with average skills…and he is causing everyone around him to play better…he is even making his coaches look better…all while deflecting the praise to his teammates…and yes to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    What is really humorous to me is that every criticism thrown at Tebow just adds to the NOISE about Tebow that is bothering most of the ones who criticize him.

    Am I a Tebow fan or a Bronco fan? No I am not. I am actually a masochistic Cowboy fan who grew up loving Landry and Staubach and for some insane reason have remained a Cowboy fan.

    But I am a parent…and we need more Tebows, because like it or not, my son needs more role models than just me…and that though Barkley was right that parents are role models, he was also very wrong that athletes shouldn’t be role models. I am thankful the athletes I looked up to like Staubach didn’t let me down.

  • really charles

    charles barkley couldn’t crossover if jesus himself came down and did it for him. and THIS is the guy who criticizes?

    weight watchers.

  • Hello

    A racist comment from a racist black.Charles is a totally disfunctional person who has no creditability

  • Guy

    Barclay will do anything for attention, another washed up player / half azzd annoncer… 50 cent a dozen ..

  • Jerry

    Charles Barkley may know more about basketball, but he talks too much (a big mouth) and he is a prick.

  • Gary

    If Tebow were black… Hmmm? Is there a QB in the NFL who meets that description? Let’s see…Michael Vick, perhaps? Running QB who can pass? Tebow is every bit as good a running QB as Vick, just not as good a passer…yet. His passing skills will improve with time, though. Vick’s did. Seems to me that Vick was all the rage when he broke into the NFL….just like Tebow. However, I don’t recall ANYONE complaining about how much press HE got. Certainly not the loud-mouthed Barkley. BTW, I’ll bet every last penny I have that Tebow will never end up in jail. I’ll take Tebow over most of the NFL players who actively seek attention (e.g., Packman, T.O., Moss, Ochocinco, Harrison, Suh, etc.) He’s a team player with values I respect…the others aren’t.

  • Olivia

    Charles is not a racist! He has been known to publically say he does not like black women. He talks alot and that is all he does. Tim Tebow did not ask to be put on a pedestal. He is just being himself. People elevated him so Charles sounds (as Usual)like a fool……

  • StampR

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Barkley said. What makes a great quaterback? Is it their numbers or how many times they flaunt their religion in everyone’s face. Personally I go by the numbers and Tebow is #27 out of 33 with a 72.9 rating. I mean that’s crap! So I don’t understand, I guess if he got down and bowed to Allah all of you would suddenly change your tune. Typical hypocracy.

  • TheMightyCorndog

    Charles Barkley…what has he done? I dont think hes even played sports since Tebow was in diapers.

    Let face it. This is a business. The Denver Bronco organization is in this to MAKE MONEY. Even if Tebow doesnt win a Superbowl EVER…he is making the organization money, he won a playoff game, he brings recognition to the organization, hes a positive role model, and he inspires people around him. The fact that he is not the best quarterback isnt a big deal…here we (and the weight watchers dodorant guy) are talking about him along with everyone else is the factor here.

    I would take Tebow and all the money he brings an organization over 90% of the NFL quarterbacks.

  • Kristen

    I love how Tebow responds to his critics. Class act all the way. Integrity = acting in accordance with your values. The man is a true leader. And he and the rest of the Broncos are giving us alot to talk about and letting us have a bunch of fun along the way. We all need more of what Tebow offers…humility, humor, enthusiasm, passion, and unabashed love of the Lord!

  • http://TheBackyard Greg

    “Sir Charles” must be envious of the limelight afforded Tim Tebow. A satisfactory player on the hardwood who received much more media attention than he deserved because of his mouth yet all of a sudden is an expert on football let alone basketball…

    Tim Tebow has embarked upon NFL history and this shouldn’t be recognized?

    Barkley needs some more public speaking classes and a golf swing.

  • nfl rocks

    Patriots 45, Broncos 10. Go Brady!

  • James Baird

    Barkly reminds me of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Always p-art of the problem,but never part of the solution.

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