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Dez Bryant’s Miami Nightclub Fight was With Lil Wayne?! C’mon, Man!

Lil Wayne was the guy Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant got into a scuffle with at a Miami nightclub on Sunday night. Really? Dez went off and tried to box with arguably the greatest rapper of all time and the unquestioned greatest freestyler of all time. C’mon, man.

Initial reports stated Bryant was being razzed by regular old people for his recent lawsuits and the Cowboys’ failure to make the playoffs yet again this season. Now the truth comes out; Bryant and Weezy got into it. The “famous rapper” was the one razzing Dez. Dang, man! Bryant isn’t picking his enemies wisely; Lil Wayne is likely to come out with a five-minute freestyle hating on Bryant. If Dez thinks Weezy’s comments at the club weren’t nice, wait until that track drops.

Of course, Dez quickly tweeted there’s no feud between he and Lil Wayne.

“Let’s quit with the false stories now….me and this man don’t have a problem with one another lol,” Bryant tweeted.

Police reports state there was indeed a “fight” between Bryant and Wayne after Wayne “taunted Bryant about his unimpressive performance this season along with his financial and legal issues.” Although Dez wasn’t arrested, he can’t keep doing stuff like this. Who is he going to swing at next? 50 Cent?

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