Widow of New York Giants Owner Scolds Terry Bradshaw During Trophy Presentation

By Michael Terrill


Ann Mara, widow to New York Giants co-owner Wellington Mara, interrupts Terry Bradshaw as he is about to interview Victor Cruz during the NFC championship presentation of the George Halas trophy. Mara walks up to Bradshaw after he finishes with Eli Manning looking as if she wants to be interviewed next. Instead of being thankful for the Giants win she points her finger in his face and begins to scold him. The following is a transcript of what is said between the two.

Ann Mara: Hey, I’ve been here before with you.

Terry Bradshaw: How ya doin’? Excuse me.

Ann Mara: And you never pick the Giants.

Terry Bradshaw: I know I’m sorry, (laughter) I’m sorry. (To camera) I’m getting hammered for not picking the Giants Curt.

Mara walks away laughing as Bradshaw continues the interview with Cruz. The best part of the video is the Giants personnel standing to the right of Bradshaw awkwardly laughing and shaking his head. You can see him attempt to get Mara away from Bradshaw before she can utter a word but decides to let it unfold as there was probably nothing he could really do.

I personally don’t agree with what Mara did. Your team just won a huge game and is heading to the Super Bowl for the second time in five seasons. Bradshaw is trying to interview a player who is a big reason why New York is where they are and Mara decides to take the spotlight away from him because she is mad Terry never picks her team to win. If she actually watched the FOX pregame show she would know Bradshaw has picked the Giants to win against the Dallas Cowboys in the regular season finale and against the Atlanta Falcons in the Wild-Card round. I think he played it off great with a little humor considering the incident was live on national television. Now it will be interesting to see who he will pick to win the Super Bowl.

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