Eminem Signifies What’s Wrong With Football Fans in America; Dude is Whack

One of America’s most popular rappers made himself look foolish in a recent GQ interview. (I’m well aware he’s received a ton of awards and he’s ‘very influential’ but his rhymes are weak and every song on all seven of his albums sound exactly the same). Eminem said so many illogical things in one interview that it’s hard to comprehend. After Mark Sanchez and now this, I guess anybody can appear in GQ. Of course, all of Eminem’s moronic comments are football-related, so we’ll defend football fans everywhere following his embarrassing interview.

Eminem is from Detroit and proclaims to be a Lions fan, but jumped on the Cowboys’ bandwagon like every other unfaithful fan in America.

“I am a Lions fan first and foremost,” Eminem said. “But growing up as a kid, the Lions were so bad for so long, that I picked up another team in the Cowboys.”

Ok, that’s fine since everybody else and their dog, it seems, jumps on bandwagons when their team isn’t doing well. However, the Lions were much better this season and actually beat Dallas back in October. Eminem didn’t hesitate to express his excitement on his “real” team that he refers to as “we”.

“We’ve got pieces, man,” Eminem said. “We just need a few more things. We need to spend a few of our draft picks getting better in the secondary. It feels good to finally root for a team that’s headed in the right direction.”

If you think he needs to pick his allegiance now, wait until this next line…

“The Steelers are one of my favorite teams,” Eminem said.

Say what?! How can one person root for the Cowboys and Steelers and neither of those teams be their No. 1? This guy is ridiculous. That’s worse than a bandwagon or fair-weather fan; in his words, “that (expletive) is just stupid”.

Eminem also went on to say he believes the Cowboys can win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo at quarterback. That’s cool; that topic can be debated all day and will never be settled until Romo either wins a title or retires. However, Eminem’s last statement takes the cake. Here’s what he said when asked if he’s ever met Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

“Yeah, we’ve met,” Eminem said. “Jerry’s cool. I went to the new stadium last year and we had a great time. It was cool, man. Jerry’s a good guy.”

Anybody who thinks Jerry Jones is “cool” is the absolute opposite of that word. I’m no fan of Eminem’s music, but I know a lot of people are, so I won’t “hate” on you guys. However, you can’t argue this dude’s football taste is beyond whack. Lions, Cowboys and Steelers?! Jerry is “cool”?! C’mon, man.

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  • Rob

    That was the sorriest excuse for an article…. ahaha. Pathetic grammar, spelling, punctuation. Also invalid points all around.
    1) “jumps on bandwagons when their team isn’t doing good”…… Doing good? Really? Patheeetiiiccc!
    2) We’ve got pieces, man,” Eminem said. Why is there only one quotation mark after the quote? Obviously you do not think or proofread during the publications of these horrible articles.
    3) “The sorriest excuse for a rapper made himself look foolish in a recent GQ interview”. Best selling artist of the decade with 13 Grammys to his name, 40+ Grammy nominations, and an Academy Award… He was named the Hip-Hop king by Rolling Stone this year and is arguably the most influential rapper ever.
    4) Either go back to university and educate yourself or just stop writing in general.
    5) You just got corrected by a first year journalism student at Carleton University.

  • JOJO

    Not everybody likes the same thing. By the sound of it everybody is supposed to have the same opinion as you! So, really you are the one that is whacked!!

    • Rob

      That was so irrelevant… I was making fun of his writing skills… And as an aspiring journalist, his complete lack of fact or any sort of validity in relation to the “sorriest excuse for a rapper” line. I’m sorry, but I think it is more whacked that any website would publish this unedited piece of garbage. This reminds me of the pointless tabloids with “Britney spears is gay” stuff. All you did was focus on the parts of the interview which seemed to prove your point. Needless to say, the point was not proven because it was so poorly written, and because the motivator (first sentence) was complete trash with no validity or fact behind it. I honestly stopped reading after the missed quotation mark because it was so bad. But if I guarantee, if i actually proofread this entire article, i could rip it apart piece by piece. Please don’t try to argue against something you know nothing about… such as writing, or hip-hop.

  • Cal

    “The sorriest excuse for a rapper”
    “However, you can’t argue this dude’s football taste is beyond whack.”
    “so I won’t “hate” on you guys.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHaa. I just want folks to re-read these gems. This was cornier than the shits I drop in the can!

  • http://Pac Pac

    Seriously? I know you are probably just some skinny kid in your mom’s basement trying to get attention by writing an article about eminem, but you just wrote the most unintelligent argument about a small interview Em did to promote his new artists on his label. All you used were adhominem attacks that had no substance. And I’m not even going to talk about football- Em is not a football “analyst”- he’s a fan. But you’re article starts out saying “the sorriest excuse for a rapper”. You finish by saying you don’t listen to his music- looks like you’re the idiot, how can you possibly judge Em as a rapper, if you don’t listen to his music or that music in general. You clearly no absolutely nothing about rap, because any true hip hop fan (black, white, green, blue, whatever) will tell you Em is one of the greatest to ever pick up a mic and even if he doesn’t do one more song for the rest of his life, he will remain a legend in hip hop. People like you can’t understand that kind of success because you spend too much time envying the success of others. Learn how to debate about a topic before writing an article lambasting someone for their argument- it makes no sense.

  • jon

    wow what a useless blogger or reporter or whatever the hell you people call yourself you are. nothing in this writing had any relevance, it just seems like you hate eminem and were waiting for some excuse to rant on about how stupid he is and yet your only real argument is that he happens to like a few teams? theres nothing wrong liking more than one team in a sport asshole and hell yeah you should jump on a bandwagon and root for teams that win instead yearly wasting your time and your happiness rooting for perennial losers. not that you shouldn’t root for your home team but there nothing wrong to find another team or two to keep your options open so you have a better chance of having something positive to root for throughout the season

    • Michael Terrill

      Jon, are you actually implying it is fine to be a bandwagon fan? If your team is doing poorly you should just simply jump ship and root for whatever team is playing in the Super Bowl that year? Come on man, that is ridiculous. You’re the worst type of fan out there. I just hope when your actual “favorite” team is in the playoffs or makes it to the Super Bowl, you aren’t rooting for them. They don’t need bandwagon fans on their side when they have real fans who stuck with them through the bad times. That is the best part by the way, to root for your team through all the years they aren’t doing well because when they finally reach the top of the mountain it feels so much better.

  • JP

    I won’t even try reading this article due to it’s ridiculous title. I see that on your resume you say you have seven years of experience in mass media, and I also see that those seven years have done nothing for you in your insight to the real world. This is a sad excuse of an article that I can’t really put into literal terms for you. but just picking up on what other people say, you can criticize an artist, but to an extent where you don’t acknowledge his position is just shameful. This article is so flawed, grammatically incorrect, and bias that the only reason someone would actually read this shit would be to criticize you on how narrow minded you are. You suck at writing? You don’t know any of the facts? Kid’s in high school could write a better article than this. Anyways, your seven years of so called “experience” were obviously a complete waste of your life in knowing that you don’t know shit.

    But on a more serious note, dude you just suck at writing. You have no “fans” to support you when you receive “hate”. All you have are you shitty writing skills, along with some wasted years of experiences, and an incredibly bad taste in preference. Seriously, you don’t have to listen to his music, but you can’t deny that he’s a talented artist who, if he saw this article, would joke around about it with his friends and talk about what a sorry guy this is. You sir, are a disgrace.

  • SomethingSomething

    Dude, you should be writing for Cracked.com. Your ‘piece’ here is all opinion, of course everyone is allowed to have one – yours just happens to ramble along much like I’d imagine an alcoholic epileptic’s would. But, before you embark on a career in satire (since your career as a journalist is obviously an epic fail), maybe you should take some classes on blogging. My nine year old goddaughter could write a better blog than this, and she’s autistic.

  • 2PointOBoy

    “I’m no fan of Eminem’s music..” < This pretty much sums up why this article was published and the tone of the article. You are a loser.

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  • AP

    I don’t usually do this but I’m bored at work. Wow this is the dumbest thing I have ever read. The sorriest excuse for a rapper referring to Eminem might be the most moronic thing I have ever read in my life. I will let it slide because you obviously don’t listen to rap, and probably love Gucci Mayne and Waka Flaka. Also I see that you are supposed to be the NFL Network manager, but you don’t know anything about being a fan of a team. I am from Michigan and have been a Lions fan since day 1. I always had hope the beginning of every season and as soon as they were out of contention I rooted for other teams, mainly the Bears. I now live in Denver and root for the Broncos when they play everyone but the Lions. I take offense to the phrasing jumping on bandwagons. He knows who is team is, but since they sucked forever until this year you develop other tastes. Its not the end of the world to like other teams you dumbass. I can’t believe you are allowed to write articles online….

  • gerijewell

    I make more sense than you.

  • GoodGirlsGetGutted

    Well… hmm. Write what you like, but saying every Eminem album sounds the same is like saying the Earth is flat. Infinite and Recovery literally sound like they were made by two completely different artists.

  • Charlie

    dumbass much?? trying to pick a beef with Em…real smart! Good luck with that.

  • Arcanam

    How did the man who wrote this article even get this job.

  • Dave

    I’m not gonna go on and on about how grammatically flawed your “article” is, as everyone else has already proven this point. However, there are some things I WOULD like to point out.
    “All of his seven albums sound the same.” Honestly, I haven’t heard anything this stupid in my life. I don’t even know where to begin. When I listen to his albums, I sometimes legitimately have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that they were made by the same person.
    Also, “sorriest excuse for a rapper”? You, sir, make me laugh.
    Also, I can’t even begin to comprehend how biased and ignorant this article is. You singlehandedly take away all credibility from this website. Get a new job.

  • Pojoe

    You’re a sorry ass excuse for a person, just using Eminem’s name to have people read this wack ass sh*t you wrote!

  • john

    Lol, the author is jealous of Eminem. Lol @ saying Em’s rhymes are weak… that is like saying “Twista is known as a long time hip-hop favorite but his flow and delivery is slow”.

  • asid

    Stopped reading when dude said all 7 albums sound the same . What’s next bro? Soulja Boi is the best rapper ever yeah ?

  • Ryan

    This article is really a sad example of someone have a deadline to meet at C list reporting site. I’ve read a few things on this site and I’m convinced you aren’t real. You writers just say ridiculous things to create conversation…but i digress. Stop using the word “WHACK”. you aren’t 11, in the Baha Men, and this certainly isn’t 2002. Secondly (and i don’t like to use this word) you are a classic hater. The guy likes football, you clearly dislike him and you are therefor bias. The fact that it shows through in your writing so blindly, so carelessly is where your real problem lies….deadline or not have some pride good sir.

    • Michael Terrill

      Ryan, you do realize the purpose of this site is to rant about hot topics, right? The writers may say “ridiculous things to create conversation” but that is the point. The writers are here to report breaking news, rumors and rant about things they think will generate a lot of controversy because that is basically what the media is used for. Do you agree 100% with what ESPN reports? No, and if you do I am clearly wasting my time writing this. I’m not denying the writer was being bias but he does make a few good points. How can Eminem claim his favorite teams are the Lions, Cowboys and Steelers? Cowboy and Steeler fans hate each other. It would be like me cheering for the Packers AND the Bears, it just doesn’t make any sense. For the record, I am a fan of Eminem’s and I have enjoyed his music since the early ’90′s. I think he is one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time and has done a lot for the music industry.

      • Tyrone

        Oh i didnt know a rapper talking about football is “breaking news” and i’m pretty sure the guy who wrote this could find better things to rant about. Also Micheal I find it hard to believe you were listening to Eminems music in the early 90′s because his very first album Infinite was released in 1996 and I bet unless your a hardcore fan of Eminems that you didn’t listen to Infinite; his first major studio album was the Slim Shady Lp in 1998 and correct me if i’m wrong but I dont think 96 or 98 were in the early 90′s.

        • Feroz

          Tyrone: 1999 was the release date of the slim shady lp :D and i believe this person wrote this article to get some hits by using eminems name, i personally would not have clicked the link if it didnt have eminem’s name in it.

        • Michael Terrill

          I never said it was breaking news, I was just saying what this site is all about. I guess I have been listening to him since the mid-90′s, excuse me.

  • gilgerard

    Jeez- how dare someone in this country form an opinion that’s different than everyone else’s. Welcome to China everyone….welcome to China.

  • bellend

    who ever wrote this is a stupid bastard eminem doesn’t give 2 flying fucks what you think or write about, get a life you sad pathetic excuse for a human being..

    • d.j. Stockton

      And if you think Eminem truly cares for his fans you are sadly mistaken. If you also think it is okay to criticize a person for what they believe than you are in an even worse boat. Sorry you feel the need to insult people I hope it gets you to wherever you want to be. And Gil, I think everyone thinks we are in Communist Russia, the same country that shot its own deserters in WWII.

      • d.j. Stockton

        Sorry, used the wrong form of then, did anyone else notice that? Typos and merging will be the downfall of society.

  • Steven Resnick

    I don’t know if Eminem signifies what’s wrong with football fans. Fantasy football has taken away a lot of the disdain for certain teams such as the Cowboys and the Packers. First and foremost I am a 49ers fan.

    Can definitely see where Eminem is coming from as well his hometown team is and always will be his favorite, yet for the last decade plus the Lions haven’t found much success, so he enjoys watching two other teams while his team is down and I don’t think that kind of rationality is just a football one as well.

    As an A’s fan I also enjoy how the Rays and Twins have built their teams and have won.

    For Eminem’s music I enjoy it and yet I know not everyone is going to agree. There’s definitely a number of rappers worse than Eminem.

  • jade

    you are fuckin dumb man. really horrible article and your not going to get much respect bashing on one of the best rappers ever.

  • Ty

    This website is already an embarrassment and today is the first day I’ve even heard of it. Nonetheless, I’m still sure it would be very easy to find someone with a higher IQ and/or better education. The content is incredibly biased opinion with little to no support, which obviously gives it no credibility. Grammatically; have you ever considered learning what syntax, sentence structure, word choice, or anything like that means? This is just a sad attempt at writing, buddy.

    • Most of these Comments are stupid

      These comments are all stupid. Whatever. The writer doesn’t like Eminem. Boo Hoo. Grow up everyone. Not everyone is going to agree with everyone, and it’s jackasses like you people that make this country look like shit. For the grammar police, I’m pretty sure you should go back to school and study “Amendment 1.”

      To the assholes, the first Amendment is…yup- you guessed it…freedom of speech.

      I’m pretty sure this site doesn’t need Ty’s viewership. I come back multiple times a day because there is a ton of cool content and a HOT ASS CHICK on video with a HUGE rack to look at. I think they did some shooting at the NFL playoffs through coors light, so I’m pretty sure these guys are doing okay.

  • kat

    Well, ‘rantsports’ has just lost another reader. Surprised to find an article on eminem on here, but instead I find it poorly-constructed and bias. This website needs to attain some reasonable writers, whom can atleast understand the correct ‘article-pyramid-structure’.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509104334 Riley Schmitt

      You don’t use the pyramid structure online or on TV. That’s only print.

  • anon

    Why are you posting old ass interviews? this isn’t current

  • Jeff Shull

    Blasphemy! Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time. It is funny you think all of his songs on all his albums sound the same because there is a clear change in style from Eminem Show to Encore and Relapse which his die hard fans actually complained about. He reverted back to his old style for Recovery.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I can never understand it when rap fans do not like Eminem.

  • http://Www.jericgriffinsucksandshouldgetfired.com Jonathan

    I was going to articulate why you are such a horrible writer, but it appears that the crowd has already done so. If I come across another article that you have authored I won’t even bother reading it.