10 Worst Sports Color Commentators on TV

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  • http://rantsports ruhigh

    This list is about as ridiculous as your voice. Van Gundy is one of the best commentators in any sports! Jaws, Sims are well respected as well. Who the hell are you to blast these guys. Listen to yourself for 5 mins and I’m pretty sure anyone would have you number 1 on this list!

    • gilgerard

      I’m pretty sure I can’t stand Jeff Van Gundy as he should get off the Heat’s dick. That little rodent should be muted.

  • http://SelbyComIncorp Bill

    I agree with some, not so much others. Reggie? I thoroughly enjoy. I’d put Charles and his turribleness on there if Reggie is up there.

    Bill Walton has got to be higher up the list. Also, Hawk Harrelson of the Chicago White Sox, if you get WGN. He is turrible!

    Van Gundy is horrific, well done.

    Great slideshow.

  • Randy Holt

    This list could have been even longer. But Van Gundy should have been number 1. Guy is a joke. Had to listen to the Heat/Bulls game last weekend on mute.

  • Steven Resnick

    Joe Buck! In my opinion is the absolute worst if you’re talking about the national color commentators. When it comes to the homers there’s nothing worse than Dave Niehaus, Dave Sims, Charles Davis,and Mike Rice.

  • Ken Langston

    I agree with most of the names on the list but I would have put Dan Dierdorf at the top of the list. He has all of the qualities that you find annoying and then some. I always joke that if someone recorded me for 3 hours, I am sure I would say some stupid stuff too. However, I hate it when announcers say the most obvious things. “You know, if they can out score their opponents I think they will win today.” Gee, really, thanks for the expert analysis, I wouldn’t have known that.