ELI-TE Manning has arrived, Giants set Super Bowl Records

By Adrian Mojica

After all the talk, after all the doubt, after the comparisons to older brother Peyton, after the Patriots being favored yet again, Eli Manning has solidified his status as an “elite” quarterback. Three minutes was all Eli Manning needed to drive the Giants to their second Super Bowl win under his command. He said he was elite to start the season and ended it by winning his second Super Bowl and being crowned the Super Bowl MVP for the second time in four years. There is no doubt now, Eli belongs among the best to play the game. Little brother has just cast a shadow over big brother. With this win, the Giants have entered into the record books. All stats come to you from either ESPN or Elias Sports. Here are a few…

– Tom Coughlin at age 65 and 158 days becomes the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl. Not bad for a guy on the hot seat in December.

– For the first time in a 16 game season, a team with less than 10 wins is crowned Super Bowl champs.

– Elias Sports Bureau reports the Giants are the 1st team to win a Super Bowl with a defense ranked under the top 25 in yards allowed during the regular season. They also report Eli Manning is the first QB to win 2 postseason starts against Tom Brady.

– Giants are the first NFC number 4 seed to win the Super Bowl since 1990

– Eli Manning is now the 3rd quarterback to engineer 2 or more game winning drives in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl. The other two are Tom Brady and Terry Bradshaw.

– The Giants are now the 5th team to win 4 or more Super Bowls.

– Eli Manning is the only Giants quarterback to win 2 Super Bowls

– Eli Manning holds the record for most road or neutral site postseason wins by a quarterback in history with 7.

– Manning joins Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady and Joe Montana as the 5 players to win multiple Super Bowl MVP’s

– Manning ties Joe Montana for 3rd place with 5 4th quarter postseason game winning drives

– Eli Manning’s completion percentage of 75% is 2nd best all time in a post season game when minimum 40 attempts

– Eli Manning is the 2nd player to complete 30 passes and not throw an interception in a Super Bowl

There is nothing left to say….Eli Manning has talked the talk and will now walk the walk into Canton. Eli Manning is Elite.

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