Super Bowl Sunday: Fun Facts and Figures

By Adrian Mojica
The grill is started, the drinks are cold and the chips yearn to be dipped in salsa. Super Bowl Sunday is here and the unofficial national holiday will be a time for friends, fun, and tension if you are a Patriots or Giants fan. While you are entertaining or simply enjoying the scene, here are some fun facts you can share today.
Advertisements: The Super Bowl is bringing in anywhere from $40,000 to $4 million dollars per 30 second spot. Commercials are usually as good as they get this time of year and we will see if the V.W. “Darth Vader” ad can be unseated as one of the best of all time. An estimated 111 million viewers are expected to watch the game and their commercials.
Tickets: Super Bowl XLVI tickets were sold for anywhere between $800 to $1,400 dollars. Scalpers will be able to get upwards of $4,000 today for fans left out in the cold.
The Lombardi Trophy: The Vince Lombardi Trophy (Super Bowl Trophy) was crafted in 1967 by Tiffany and Co. who has made and designed it until this day. That is one expensive piece of Sterling Silver hardware. The trophy weighs 7 pounds and takes 4 months to be made.
On the Go: This is the first time the Super Bowl will be streamed live to mobile devices. Work is no longer an excuse to miss the game.
Lucas Oil Losers?: The Capital Improvement Board of Marion County, the city board which runs Lucas Oil Stadium, stated they budgeted for about $8 million in expenses but expect to only make $7.2 million in revenue. That leaves them $810,000 in the red. Then again, it is a cheap price for the attention the city is getting. An expected $200 million in spending throughout the city has been projected.
Beer Me: Super Bowl Sunday is the 8th largest day for sales of beer in the United States. 49.3 million cases of brew are expected to be sold today. In case you are wondering, the 4th of July is the #1 day for beer sales in the country.
Pizza and Wing Me Too: Pizza Hut sold roughly 2 million pizza pies during last years Super Bowl and Papa Johns said they sold 1 million pies. Domino’s will add another 1 million pizza’s as well. Today is the Super Bowl of pizza as well. If you aren’t grilling out, you have options. An estimated 1,25 billion wings will be consumed over the weekend as well. Your New Year’s resolutions have met their match today.
Bet Me: An estimated $10 billion dollars will be wagered on the Super Bowl this year, making it the most wagered event in Super Bowl history. Today is Christmas is Vegas.
Stay Home: Aside from risking a DUI, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most dangerous days of the year to drive. Half of all fatal accidents are due to drivers with impaired alcohol levels above the 0.8 level.

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