Why Are the New York Giants So Confident About Super Bowl XLVI?

By Bryn Swartz

The New England Patriots are 13-3. They have the fourth highest scoring offense in NFL history. Their quarterback is arguably the greatest, and maybe the most clutch, in NFL history. They have the top coach in league history. They have an unstoppable slot wide receiver and pair of tight ends.

The Giants are 9-7. They were outscored by six points during the regular season. They have the second worst defense ever by a Super Bowl team. They are just the third Super Bowl team with only nine regular season victories. They’re the underdogs, according to the Las Vegas odds.

But the Giants are the ones talking the trash.

Lots of it.

It was Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul who said that Tom Brady was visibly rattled and spooked by the Giants’ defensive line when the two teams faced each other in midseason. The Giants won that game, 24-20, behind a last-second Eli Manning touchdown drive.

It was Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty who boldly predicted on his Twitter account that the Giants would win 28-17.

It was the Giants players who were doing the same thing four years ago.

Who can forget wide receiver Plaxico Burress predicting a 20-17 victory by the Giants? The Giants ended up winning 17-14, almost the exact score that he predicted, and he caught one of the biggest passes in NFL history, a game-winning touchdown with just 35 seconds remaining.

The NFL has changed to the point where a regular season record isn’t even relevant anymore. The 10-6 Giants topped the 16-0 Patriots in the Super Bowl four years ago, and the 9-7 Giants could easily top the 13-3 Patriots in the Super Bowl this season.

While I don’t think the Giants should be talking so much trash (it sets you up to look like Rex Ryan), I can understand why. They’re playing like the better team right now. They have the Patriots’ number in recent games. They know how to defeat Tom Brady, and they know that Tom Brady is rattled by their incredible pass rush.

And in about five hours, I expect the Giants to have walked the walk after talking all of the talk.

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