2012 NFL Mock Draft: San Francisco 49ers Version No.1

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  • JMac

    I would really like to see the 49ers snatch Ryan Broyles in the mid to late rounds. I think he just may end up being the steal of the draft this year. Even after missing the last 4 games of 2011 with the ACL injury, he still outperformed most of the top recievers, with his only knock being his very small frame. To me, this is more of a credit to him than a knock, as he plays much bigger than his sub foot stature when the ball is in the air, and his explosive “catch n turn it up” ability is second to none. If you any of the scouting reports, he seems to have the most impressive tool bag. I also do not think this will be another crabtree, inflated college numbers due to the type of offense type scenario. Another bit of anecdotal information to consider is how drastically Landry Jones’ performance declined in Broyals’ absence. Just in case anyone was wondering, I’m not a sooners fan, I’m a USC/Pac-12 guy. We’ll have to wait and see just how far below the radar Mr. Broyals continues to fly leading up to draft day.