Only Hours Left To End NFL Blackouts! Spread This!

By Adrian Mojica

Following a mostly missed article by Deadspin, they informed us of a group called the Sports Fans Coalition which is petitioning the FCC to end blackouts forever. The FCC has agreed to listen to them provided they get enough feedback from fans. This all comes on the heels of the Nixon documents released which show he successfully negotiated with the NFL to ban blackouts for playoff games. He had to concede regular season games but now is our chance to play president. Go to and fill out the petition now. Though no date is officially stated on their webpage, Deadspin reports the petition must be completed by tomorrow (2-13-12). Given the parody of the NFL, don’t think your team is safe just because they are playing well now. Everyone can fall victim to blackouts and it is a chance for fans to take part at least some aspect of the sport we love.

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