2012 NFL Mock Draft: Cleveland Browns Version 1.0

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  • You’re a retard

    If you guys honestly want/believe that these will be the browns draft picks, you’re mentally challenged. These are honestly THE WORST predictions I’ve seen in my entire life. Retards.

  • Mark

    Nice draft. I especially like some of the later round picks. I would love to see Coples in a Browns uniform but I would much rather see them take Trent Richardson at #4. He is a future pro bowler that would instantly make the offense better. Couldn’t agree more with Burfict at #22. He is a beast and would be a huge upgrade for the run defense. He can also get in the backfield with his speed and make plays against the pass. I think they will resign D’Qwell Jackson. He wants to stay in Cleveland. I do see Peyton Hillis leaving. He and the Browns are very far apart on money and I do not think he wants to stay in Cleveland.

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  • Blake

    what a shitdick mock draft. needless to say i would be very upset if the picks played out this way in the real draft. How about some offense in the first round huh?

  • don

    The Browns have a good QB in McCoy and don’t need RG3 who has the same stature as McCoy, not like Cam Newton.Sure McCoy had to scramble with 2 rookie guards and no RT. Look at the Superbowl when Brady had to scramble, he did nothing. Offensive line protection will make a average QB look like a superstar. The Browns 1st choice should be a OL or a DE.

    • http://yardbarker.com Mike

      I fully agree with Coples at #4.Burlict at #22?I dont know about that pick,too many issues with him and he probably wont be there anyway.Take the best reciever available with the #22.Sanu with the #37, maybe,wiser to take the best R.T. available.If Lamar Miller somehow falls to #37 then its a nobrainer take him and thank your lucky stars!The rest of the draft is anybodys guess.

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