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Bazooka Candy Creates New York Giants Super Bowl Ring Pop

Just when you though you’d seen it all, something like this pops up. Apparently the New York-based candy company, Bazooka, has created a Ring Pop in honor of the New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI win.

What they are officially calling it is a Swarovski encrusted Bling Pop Ring Pop. If you’re of my generation, or anywhere near it above and below, you know what a Ring Pop is.

They are fantastic lollipops that you can place on your finger, rather than suffering through the agony of holding them between your fingers with a stick.

Who hasn’t been down that scary road before? Getting to the end of a lollipop and sometimes accidentally eating some of the paper? I shudder at the thought.

In any event, this Ring Pop Giants style is a pretty cool idea, and one I felt compelled to share with you.