Football Coach In Maine Resigns After Posting Nude Photo On Facebook (video)

By Riley Schmitt

Social media is evolving into a dangerous double-edged sword. It can be a great way to gather news and interact, but it can also come back to bite you.  Just ask Paul Withee.

The football coach at South Paris Oxford Hills Comprehensive High (boy, that’s a mouthful) in Maine resigned after posting a nude photo of himself to Facebook.  The photo was intended for his girlfriend, but the public was able to see it.  This includes members of his football team.

A parent reported the incident, which led to the resignation.

Remember to watch your privacy settings on social media.  If you post something on Facebook or Tweet something on Twitter, it will be seen.  Deleting it doesn’t erase screencaps or other retention methods.

Thanks to Yahoo for the story.

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